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Michael Connolly and Jim Horne - Demo of MSN Spaces

14 minutes, 14 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

Here Michael Connolly and Jim Horne demonstrate the new MSN Spaces. Oh, and this service wasn't supposed to be turned on for two more hours, so you are getting a world-wide first look at MSN Spaces here. How about that?

Oh, while you're checking out MSN Spaces, check out the new Microsoft bloggers:

Scott Isaacs (web experience architect)
Mike Torres (program manager on web experience)
Michael Connolly
(group program manager on web experience)
Dare Obansajo (program manager on backend)
Jay Fluegel (program manager on web experience)

Why don't you start one? Start at http://spaces.msn.com


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  • This is a good replacement for my blog!
  • This is awesome! But there needs to be a way to import old blog posts via an RSS feed into Spaces. I know quite a few friends who will not even think about switching over if they lose eveything.  
  • + a webservice to post new blogs and tap in to existing
  • TDavidTDavid Learn more so you can earn more

    Thank you for shooting this video. The discussion and brief tour of features is interesting. Why aren't any of these guys using Tablet PCs? I wonder if the brightness could be tweaked for these videos (in the future), as it was a bit dark seeing the screens.

  • Anyone any idea what the current maintenance is for? Can't get to Mike's blog - http://spaces.msn.com/members/mike/

    Space not available
    The MSN Spaces network is being upgraded and is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
  • The Channel 9 TeamThe Channel 9 Team 5 guys from Redmond
    This is one of the first videos shot with our new camcorder (a three-chip Panasonic) and we're still figuring out how to use it properly.

    Ross: don't know there undoubtledly will be burps as the service gets turned on and scaled up.
  • leighswordleighsword LeighSword
    it 's terrorable,an ugly woman(*) on my way when i open the  http://spaces.msn.com/  in IE.


  • leighswordleighsword LeighSword
    the localization language is what dependent on ?
    how you dare transfer http://spaces.msn.com/ to another damned localization website(area code is the zh_cn).
  • leighswordleighsword LeighSword
    how to change the language to the English when i am living in china?
    the http://spaces.msn.com/ is a racialism.
  • what is he talking about ?  .. i don't get the point.
  • rasxrasx Emperor of String.Empty
    ActiveX controls featured in a brand new product without any apologies. That's being cool and tough. It slaps us back to unmanaged reality.

    Also I'm assuming that this new tool will block any Ads by Google. They are not "elegant" enough I suppose.

    "This is a Vee One product..." so I'm guessing it's targeted for first-time bloggers and my wanna-be-smart-* remarks are a waste of my own time since The Funky KB at SonghaySystem.com has been "blogging" since before the word was coined.
  • William Staceystaceyw Before C# there was darkness...
    Files "not interesting".  What if I want to blog about C# or .Net coding and what to post some projects/solutions?

    Here another idea to keep it free.  Allow me to easily sell my product(S).  Another "window" in Spaces is My Products.  I could sell my little shareware or other software from that.  Could also blog about the products/features/issues so its all related.  You get money from the CC processing fee or other "kickbacks".  Could interface with Paypal and/or others.  I would then need to be able to upload files and updates.  Maybe even include some kind of "callback" interface so I could Watermark the apps or other pre or post processing using my own logic inside my spaces sandbox.

  • leighswordleighsword LeighSword
    how can i upload a music to my space?
    test my English Space.
  • leighswordleighsword LeighSword
    mwirth wrote:
    what is he talking about ?  .. i don't get the point.

    I have strongly reading comprehension,but poor wirting skills.
    its Chinese-language version of MSN Spaces what i have saw, they blocks us access to English version of the site.

  • k000derk000der A Wannabe Wannabe
    I have also created my own space (blog is written in Finnish). After using it for two days the annoyances I have encountered is that sometimes I get the Finnish version, sometimes I get the English version after I log in (I would prefer the Finnish version). Haven't still figured out, how to view my page everytime in Finnish. Another issue which is related to this that I'm unable to view updated/new Finnish spaces if I wanted. When I log in and the content is in English, so are the recent updates/new spaces on the front page of MSN Spaces. Besides, is there a way to browse spaces by country and also to view all the spaces, not only those which are visible on the front page of MSN Spaces ?
    OK, so this is beta version, but hopefully these get fixed soon.
  • Andre Da CostaAndre Da Costa Created with PhotoDraw 2000 V2
    Does anybody know how you submit bug reports for this beta. Everytime I add an entry or insert and image into my entry and publish it, I get this error "Operation Aborted". I also get the error when I go to view other Spaces.

    The entry form needs some customization tools for changing fonts and font sizes, I have to edit my text first in Word then copy it over into the form which is abit too tedious.

    Text wrapping would also be nice for images inserted in an entry.

    Its good so far though.

  • scobleizerscobleizer I'm the video guy
    The team is blogging. Here's Mike Torres. He's a constant reader of blogs. Check out his blog: http://spaces.msn.com/members/mike/

    Leave him a comment there and he'll take care of filing a bug report for you.
  • scobleizerscobleizer I'm the video guy
    Leighsword: uploading files other than pictures isn't currently possible on MSN Spaces, I believe. I'll play around with that later tonight. You might ask on Mike Torres' blog, though.
  • Andre Da CostaAndre Da Costa Created with PhotoDraw 2000 V2
    Well, I tried to leave a comment but could not. When I tried to make the comment, the Form was grayed out. It said I should get a Passport today, or sign out. I signed out and signed back in, but same issue.

    My recommendation would be to have nice big red button on everyones blog making it accessible for them to just click it and and file a bug report. After all, this is still a beta. And why the errors really, its not like I'm using it in FireFox?
  • scobleizerscobleizer I'm the video guy
    I'm not sure. Why don't you leave the bug report here, or email Mike Torres directly?

    His email is mtorres @ microsoft.com

    If you leave it here, I'll email the team and make sure they see it.
  • The best thing to do with respect to filing bugs, requests, or complaints is to click the "Feedback" link at the bottom of every page on MSN Spaces.

    You could send feedback my way as well via email or comments, but it is great to actually collate it all and see which bugs/requests/complaints are tracking higher than others.  We use this data *directly* when evaluating the product.  And our feedback system enables that while my Inbox is an overloaded mess Smiley
  • Andre Da CostaAndre Da Costa Created with PhotoDraw 2000 V2
    Thanks Rob & Mike, but seriously, that Feedback link is on the bleeding edge of Fine Print. Make it larger!

    Thanks Again.
  • I just need to know guys. Did you borrow heavily from SharePoint to make this service. Cause if you did cool for you. It just looks a ton load like it.

    I wish, if this is true, to have all the web parts available. I'd like to add text to my page that isn't a part of a blog or a list. Like a paragraph or two. I'd also like to post via an instant message from MSNIM.

    So anyhoo I like the service. (My Blog)

  • Andre Da CostaAndre Da Costa Created with PhotoDraw 2000 V2
    I read that they were going to integrate some journaling services into Messenger 7 that can post directly to your MSN Spaces, so far its only an idea it seems.
  • I liked the demo. Blogger's still a better product for starter blogs and more customizable, but MSN Spaces may appeal to non-techies who want to be able to change their blog templates easily without messing with code.

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