Michael Connolly and Jim Horne - Talking about MSN Spaces

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    I'm interested in the behavior of people. So the blogging "for the rest of us" thang is interesting.

    ...And here's yet another slam against XHTML, which implies a lack of respect for XML applications. I must be missing something here: I keep looking for this future of fine-grained document-centric data down to the phrase level.

    I will assume that once this MSN blogger space gets up and running there will be a plug-in for Microsoft Works/Office. It simply must be a matter of human ineraction between the Office team and MSN's. I can't see what is so stupid about being able to journal in an environment as rich as an Office application (like Word or Outlook) and then routing that content to an MSN space.

    Ever since Don Box stopped working on that XSL transform of WordML into XHTML I am thinking perhaps maybe my views about Internet-connected prose writing in general and journaling ("Blogging") in particular are not popular.

    ...But you know us writers: it takes quite an "egomanic" to sit down and begin a project that will take years to complete with no certainty of popularity or an audience. I'm that writer that likes to make his own digital paper and XHTML is important to me simply because of the importance of XML.

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    I realize that the thing is beta right now, but, its completely unusable. Always down or unreachable. Maybe if the servers were not able to handle such a mass of influx then they should not have released to the world. It just leaves a bad taste that even a fixed and stable product won't wash away
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    They had some problems the first day out, but it seems pretty stable now and they believe they've fixed the technical issues that were causing the problems. Sorry about that.

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