Michael Tipping - Machine learning research for use on Xbox

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Our guest video guy, Mike Hall, took his camera on a trip to Microsoft Research's labs in the UK. Hey, it's just like Redmond: rainy. Glad to see that.

Anyway, here Mike visits with a couple of researchers who are working on making the Xbox better by trying to make the machine learn.

Sorry for the dark video. Mike won't shoot with a window behind the subjects again. Smiley





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The Discussion

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    AI in games is pretty intresting and cool stuff. A pity that they don't show some forza in action because this game is going to Rock! Besides the awsome grafics, sounds, tunning, online gaming the AI is going to be one of the many great features of the game, so no more yellow car always doing the same thing Wink 
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    can we write managed code on Xbox in the future ?
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    Managed code on XBox would be awesome!!

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