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The next version of the electronic picture frame demonstrated. This one, based on Windows CE, has lots of new features -- like sharing on a physical Windows CE device so you can upload pictures to your picture frame. Mike Hall takes you through building your own and gives you a demonstration of the app that he calls Fotovision.



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The Discussion

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    This is really cool, I use fotovision myself, it can be downloaded here.

    I really want to play around with the idea of a photo frame PC.... I think it may be time to ask for a pay increase, so I can go buy some toys. Smiley

    CE is looking really easy to use compared with previous versions too.

    The EPOCII pc Mike was using can't be purchased cheaply in the UK, you have to buy it with CE as a kit for £400 approx, unless anyone else has found the EPOC just by it self...

    Does anyone else think Mike sounds a litle like Cliff Richard, or is that just me? (Sorry Mike!)

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    "stuff we don't need."
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    Stuff YOU don't need , but other might do. Wink
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    that's possible, indeed. wasn't meant as unfriendly as it sounds:-)
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    Hi Mike,

    this is great! can I use my old P233 laptop to run the Window CE, and just for the photoframe display only. Suggestion?

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    This would be very applicable as an advertising medium.  Its main purpose may be for a home photo album but  may also turn into an advertising mechanism.  Some uses could include billboards, in-store ads, or even ads in the home.  The cost of such technology will probably be brought down if the home user agrees to accept advertising pictures say every 10 pictures that are displayed.
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    now there's an interesting idea...

    to answer some of the other questions...

    Windows CE on an old laptop - I've certainly booted Windows CE on laptops, the main issue you might have is drivers for networking.

    ICOP eBox II Reference boards - you might want to send an e-mail to Samuel Phung samuelp@icoptech.com to see if you can get the boards directly from ICOP.

    Windows CE 5.0 is pretty easy to use to generate O/S images like the Picture Frame - expect to see some more videos coming soon, building an RDP terminal using Windows CE 5.0 (and the eBox).

    Let me know if you have any demo ideas, I'm always interested in building cool O/S demos :O)

    Cliff Richard, eh! <hmm...>

    - Mike
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    No you sound nothing like Cliff Richard! - and the photo frame info is great - I built one but put XP on it and simply use the My Pictures screensaver - will get round to writing something in .Net eventually!


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