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A fun video of a recent Windows Embedded conference competition where attendees programmed robots to fight against each other.

Near the end of the seven-minute video attendees talk about what they did to soup up their robots.





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The Discussion

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    Perhaps the funnest that I have ever seen lol
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    Very interesting.  I do not see the point in having them sumo, though...

    But this was in my home city Smiley
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    At previous Windows Embedded Developers Conferences we've had "Ultimate Architect" competitions that have had delegates using Erector sets to build devices to carry beer glasses (full of beer), or shot glasses - this year we wanted to have a competition that involved writing code, and also having fun - SumoBot seemed to be the right choice - everyone had a great time - perhaps next year we can use Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, or SPOT !

    - Mike
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    Nice job Ref (Mike), this was a victory for “social engineering”, “Academic” had a big team behind him, he was eliminated but when another contestant was needed for the final round everyone (including my drunken self) called for “Academic”!  The Sumo Bots were the life of the party (and that’s with all the alcohol or ice cream you wanted). It was fun, but I don’t know how the contestants found the time to prepare their Sumo Bots with so many sessions and venders wares to see. Glad you brought along the camera Mike, so we could relive the excitement!

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    Very funny! Do you have a link were we may be able to purchase these for our very own fun?

    Very Good!

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