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    Wow, great video as always! I can't wait to get my own CE sewing machine to make my own T-shirts logos! Wink Hopefully it will be less expensive than that picture frame... ouch!
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    I would like to have one of thees bikes!
    How much will it cost? And will it be sold
    in Germany?
    I need more info about this bike!
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    With regard to Mike’s comment that people tend think that WinCE is all about PDAs & SmartPhones, that this tendency is IMHO encouraged by Microsoft, which gives a lot of justified hype to those types of devices. Just to be clear, I think that they are great pieces of technology and IMHO have a much better user & developer story to offer when compared to the competition.


    Since the.NET CF doesn’t offer a componentization capability, severely limiting the types of application that it can be used for, or in other words limiting the types of applications that it can be used develop to devices of a gadget like nature….. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


    Usually, when Microsoft talks about developing for WinCE they in almost all of the cases talk about developing using .NET CF and I think that the result of that is the tendency of people to associate WinCE with ‘gadget’ like devices.



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    Good stuff!

    I'm a Windows Embedded developer, and you hear so many people think that Pocket PC /is/ Windows CE. Now I have something to show them to prove it! Hehe

    Thanks Smiley
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    Don't forget the Citizen Engineer forum on Channel 9 - we're giving you the steps needed to build your own Windows CE based Picture Frame!

    - Mike
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    Channel 9 at its best! Great video guys.

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    As far as "Windows CE == Pocket PC", the Windows Mobile team changed the way Pocket PC and Smartphone devices were named and 'marked' - in some of the older devices (Handheld PC and Palm-Sized PC [remember those?]) the devices were marked as "Powered by Windows CE", if you look on the newer Pocket PC and Smartphone devices the new logo is "Microsoft Windows Powered", totally removing any reference to Windows CE.

    - Mike
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    Darn, I was hoping you'd have at least one PC/104 board there. Sad

    Although, I must say this is probably one of the best videos I've seen on Channel 9.  This relates more to my line of work.  I wish there were more videos about things like XPe/WinCE and driver development.  I would love to see a video on the new Windows Driver Framework.
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    What a great idea ! - go ahead and post a list of videos you would like to see - I'd also like to get more Embedded content out there...

    Bring it on...

    - Mike
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    Mike, could you recommend generic Windows CE device, similar to ICOP's eBoxII?

    I have an idea for Windows CE device, and I was going to get a reference board, but then the problem of casing came up.  How would I make the case for the reference board? From wood, or lego blocks Smiley  (or am I missing something here?)  The ICOP eBoxII is generic enough but I would like to have a greater selection.

    The problem I find there is no central repository of the available vendors/products that support Windows CE.  Microsoft has provided fantastic embedded platform, easy to build application for, but access to hardware is bit scarce.

    Mike M

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    what do you need from the hardware ? - and what is the final device ? - the eBox is a neat low cost reference board that is also fairly high spec, 128MB RAM, 3xUSB, serial, parallel, Ethernet, PS/2 mouse/keyboard, video out, all for < $200. Are you looking for something similar to a PC/104 sized board that already has mounting holes on the board ?

    Making a case out of Lego, now there's an idea....

    - Mike

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    I am looking for something that I would not have to build the casing for. Final device specs...

    • 300+MHz
    • 500MB HD
    • Serial port
    • Audio in/out
    • Ethernet
    • Build in modem
    • 128 MB of RAM would do

    If the above are too specific for a generic Windows CE device that has casing, than I may settle for a reference board.  Thus how would one build casing for reference board of a final device?  In the video there were two reference boards (one from company called Intrinsic).  How did the reference boards got their casing?  Did the companies supplied the casing for these reference boards?

    Mike M

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    wow, this is awsome, the voip phone looks way cool!
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    Hi Mike!

    I am building a device that loads up IE on fullscreen when the machine starts without the need of a human interaction. At the same time, I would like to be able to let my technicians access the network configuration settings in order to get the device connected on different networks.

    Is windows Embedded the right choice or XP is best?

    Thanks for your precious advices.

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    Mike Hall and Channel 9 team,
      This is an awesome video. Are all these products sold in the market? Why are they not so getting publicised?

      Looks like MS is into PC, Media Player, PDA, Smart phones, Sewing machines and even ATMs may be.
     So my questions:
      1) How do I get a job in this group?
      2) What kind of S/w was used to develop this? Win 32 on a Win CE environment. (??)
      3) Looks like once I have a smartphone with bluetooth enabled, the possibilites are just so endless.

     I had worked in Motorola before trying to develop 3G network layers and haven't seen so many cool stuff in cool place since then.

      You stay classy!!

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    Hi Mkie Hall
       Cool VoIP Phone.
       We have to do Video Voip Phone.
       We use Monahans and WinCE 5.0.
       But it not have any Camera driver for WinCE5.0.
       How can we to do?
       We can modify Windows Mobile 5 .1 Carmera driver to Woindows CE 5.0 ?

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