Mythreyee Ganapathy - Recommendations for Indian students

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If you're a student or an instructor in India, here's Mythreyee's advice for how to approach Microsoft and further your career.





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       5 yrs back internet was a prblem for indian students , but broadly speaking things have changed rapidly  & now  most of the colleges provide 24X7 internet connections even at students hostel room .Take my example I have been in playing wid Microsoft Technologies(thrugh MSDN , Community etc .. specially microsoft  Learning  site )since my Btech 2nd year days thrugh Internet (because that is all we have here to commnicate hahaha).
                  Nd today i can happily say i successfully made to the Zonal Final of Microsoft Imagine CUP 05 (at delhi), ndu will be Happy to know that i study at Jaypee Univ . Solan H.P .Its a Remote place in Himachal Pradesh called "SOLAN" (20 kms b4 shimla ) .Truly INTERNET has really DISSOLVED the BOUNDARIES & Have Bridged the GAp . Hts off to Mr Tim berner leee for giving us "INTERNET". Good work By Channel 9 of  adding to it by providing a special section for india . Keep it Up & plz do try to incorporate the below written suggestion .

                 I wuld like to see  lot of HAnd -on -Tutorials on CE .Net - Bluetooth  etc wid indian perspective . By this i mean no doubt There are alredy few video tutorials ( ex ;- mike hall & anil dhawan 1's on CE ) but there is not much info regarding frm where to get the Processors say MIPS or X86 etc  required in our project . I wuld appreciate if sme1 could guide me on this . Getting BSP's  is not a prblem but getting the Hardware is .
    Nyways gr8 work bbye .Hope to see Sme Hard CORE techniacal Stuff soon .
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    Yes, the internet scene seems to be improving in  the country, but broadband seems to be the issue now.

    As infrastructure becomes better we can move forward at a faster pace.!

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