Neil Enns - SmartPhone: What do you want developers to do?

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The newest SmartPhones come with the .NET Compact Framework.   Neil talks about what he'd love to see Developers do with the framework. 

Anyone try building a SmartPhone application yet? We'd love to see yours.



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The Discussion

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    I would love to code some Smart Phone apps, how about sending one with the next MSDN Universal shippment Smiley - or Premier CDs
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    i haven't had time to look at the sdk but if anyone with some expertise can elaborate.

    here is what i would like to be able to do with my smartphone:

    1. query google from anywhere.
    2. consume web services from my iis server.
    3. view files(xml, text, jpg) located on a shared folder on my workstations harddrive.

    is this do-able? theoretically and realistically?

    ideally, i could see someone building a location specific social networking app, akin to, but .Net multimedia based, not SMS...


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