Omri Gazitt - What is Microsoft doing with Web Services?

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    Why is the video quality so terrible in this video?  The other videos are fine but this one is unwatchable.

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    I'm watching it here at home and it looks the same as all the other videos.

    I encode the videos for multiple bit rates. So, you might be getting served one of the lower bit rates.

    What player are you using?

    Can you try opening it up in the player itself, and not embedded in the Web page? Does that change it?
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    Wow!  He really explained things really well.  I'm not a developer and I got the gist of what was going on.  That was great that you got him to talk about web services.

    Video was blury, but that was about it.  The message got across.

    Scoble,  the lighting is a little low on some of the vids.  I know that video lights are too bright to stick in someones face, but what about some soft diffuse light from about waist height to fill in some missing light?  Doesn't need to light up a football stadium, just something to give a small boost.

    I know your aiming for the minimalist video experience, but sometimes you need to compensate for light and sometimes sound too.
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    What I want to know is what Microsoft is doing in deploying its own public web services. Web services  as in those which are provided by Microsoft on its website and which can be used freely by developers.
    I know about the technology (Indigo) and the various tools (Visual Studio) that Microsoft is creating to help developers create their own web services but has Microsoft created a web service of its own? Or, does it intend to do so? It seems that Microsoft wants everybody else to deploy web services but where are the Microsoft web services? I can think of many public web services that Microsoft could have deployed. Like, the whole of MSN could have been available in a dozen of web services. MSN Search as well. Downloading products from the download center could have been a web service. Getting security updates could have been a public web service for other developers to utilize. Even the whole of Windows/Office Update could have been a public web service.
    I know about the tools Microsoft gives to developers but isn't it time for Microsoft to indicate that it at least uses its own tools to do useful work? Where is the explosion in the use of public web services that we were promised back in 2000?
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    Looks fine to me. The content was great as well.
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    Nektar, great question.  You're right, there's huge potential for the online MS sites to be exposed as web services.  There have been a few good examples of MS web services:

    • If I'm not mistaken mappoint has been a web service since 2002 (and I believe the first live MS service)
    • MSDN introduced a WS-Security based service last year to track users
    • SQL Server stored procs have been exposed as web services since SQLXML3 came out in 2002, and SQL Server Yukon is building more support into the database engine
    • Passport implements WS-Federation
    • InfoPath supports using web services as a data source for its forms (in fact DBox and others have created InfoPath forms as front-ends for their blogs)
    • All BlogX-based blogging engines (dasBlog, .Text, etc) use web services (as does my blog,

    All that said I think there's alot more potential out there, and I know of many efforts inside of Microsoft that are based on the WS-* architecture.  Many of the examples you mention above are being discussed or in development.  Expect to see alot more stuff get exposed as WS over the next couple of years...

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    Is the cartoon shown at the top of the web cast available for download?

    Cool web services stuff btw, any ideas when a CTP of Indigo will be available?

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    Great Information, I got it and I can't understand much of anything else... lol
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    Surfer wrote:
    Why is the video quality so terrible in this video?  The other videos are fine but this one is unwatchable.
    it's not so much the video as it is the audio. has to be louder and clearer.
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    Hmm. I've listened to the audio on five systems so far. Ranging from built in cruddy speakers to a really nice surround sound system. I can understand the audio very well on this video.

    You can get some speakers for $5 or $10 that have an amplifier in them which will let you make it louder.

    Clearer? This is pretty clear audio here. Not sure what you're noticing. Does it change if you use the "save" link and download the video to your hard drive?
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    The white board work wasn't so interesting as much as listening to Omri talk about his general view.

    Transative Trusts are available between Windows Domains in separate companies, but web services will make it so that you can have transative trusts that aren't dependent on both companies running Windows Domains with Active Directory (Still a lot more work to do it the Services way, but it will enable joining where otherwise not possible).

    Link to Omri's comic I found terribly amusing.

    DCOM is still here and it's still a great thing. I enjoy adding services, but DCOM isn't dead.

    What's great about services? More Nimble says Omri, and I agree. More Nimble. And to me, Nimble means cheaper and quicker development that is more likely to give the user what he wanted (the tire swing to the side of the tree).

    Blessings, Omri.

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    The transcript for this video is at the WhatIsMicrosoftDoingWithWebServices wiki
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    a really cool video...

    however: I got a small comment regarding the architecture. UDP and HTTP cannot be treated as if they're on the same level. If you say you use UDP as a transport protocol for the XML, there is a missing link there. UDP or TCP cannot transport XML without an application-level protocol such as HTTP, SMTP or Telnet.

    Most probably, you've created that protocol and you don't know about it!


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    Now look - some idjit gave Nektar a point of reference to start hacking MS web services (probably not but think of the principle)!
    Think about the questions you answer.

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