Ori Amiga - What kinds of apps can you build for the next version of Mobile Devices?

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    cool, got me all water-mouthing

    after 4 years in the non-windows world, I'm picking up again where I left of (Visual C++ V4).

    Seems like a whole lot has changed. Also I have done some J2ME development and not half of what Ori is talking about is possible in J2ME.

    Now on to installing some Visual Studio (and recruiting some compentent software engineers <grin> )


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    Richard Parker
    Type of apps I want to build?

    How bout a Buletooth/RF remote control for a Windows Media PC?

    Not only control channels, etc, but be able have interactive components to the remote control application to compliment the real-estate on the tv. Maybe, for example, have the time-editing controls on the handheld instead of them cluttering up the television screen.

    How about handheld social networking tools?

    This is an underground movement in .sp, .ko, .eu and .uk coming to the surface soon. Being able to spot friends within the vicintiy (on the train, in a restaurant) and share location/time/contact/schedule information automatically.
    'Hey! What's Joe up to?" "Dunno" *checks phone* "Oh! He's here in the book store...and he's going to be at a movie later. Let's talk to him" *sends message*....etc etc

    How about advertising the use of a handheld as a smart, wireless memory key?

    This is already complete with ActiveSync, but no one seems to mention the complete picture. A user simply syncs contacts, calendar, files, media and much more, just by coming into range of his basestation PC. No ports/cords. Much more functionality than that of a USB key.

    How about making a bluetooth/wifi universal storage unit for the home?

    Handhelds, media pcs, pcs...all have access to a large array hidden in the house. Instead of operating on local memory/files, a handheld can be a window into the home network.

    Many more where those came from...


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