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PDC Walkabout (Three clips)


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There are three segments to this walkthrough the PDC. We walk from one end of the PDC hall to the other. We start out behind the scenes. We run into Microsoft execs and Tantek Celik (CTO at Technorati). Oh the fun and the FOOD! This was filmed Wednesday night. Gives you a good idea of what the hall felt like.

Clip One (is this message)
Clip Two - Watch - Download 46MB.
Clip Three - Watch - Download  27MB.


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  • Great video. Thanks. Big Smile

    Seriously, this video goes in the top 10 of all time good videos. It gives you a real feeling for what the PDC is like.
  • CybermagellanCybermagell​an Live for nothing, or die for everything
    Wow Scoble thanks alot...

    This video rocks...we need more ad hoc videos like this....

    again thanks.
  • Awesome videos, but wasn't it recorded on Tuesday night as Wednesday we all went to the Universal Studios party.
  • TensorTensor Im in yr house upgrading yr family
    Yeah good one. I now have conference-attendance envy. Well, actually I allready had it - now I have it more.
  • Out of sheer luck there I am the first guy saying "Hello" to Jeff and Robert as they exited the "PDC bull pen" room and went out into the hallway.  (At 1:45 in the first video.)  I can be heard calling out, "Thanks for posting my video on Channel 9!"  That video was ScottGu's in-depth demo of ASP.NET 2.0 that I filmed which posted a couple weeks ago:


    It's very cool when some of your own stuff makes it to C9.  Looking forward to when the PDC Show Off videos come out.  There are some good ones in the mix.  I threw a couple into the ring there, one featuring two bedraggled developers who whip out a block of code to create bar codes.  Another for my friend Scott Cate which shows how he uses AJAX on his site.  I hope they're well-received when they hit.  And I also hope that not too much is lost during the recompression to make it Internet-friendly at 300kbps!

    Also cool to see the gadget guy (didn't catch his name... Dean something?) show his high def camera, the Sony HC1 at around 16:15 on the first video.  I've got one also, and I agree that WMV-HD is great for distributing HD content.  Glad that the new HD-DVD decks will directly support it.  Bought my cam in Japan back in June, the first week it was released over there.  Been a fun ride experimenting with it.

    Long live Channel 9!

  • Jeff Sandquistjeffsand Inch by Inch
    Cybermagellan wrote:
    Wow Scoble thanks alot...

    This video rocks...we need more ad hoc videos like this....

    again thanks.

    Give us some ideas of things you'd like for us to show you and we'll do more of these tours.
  • Tour of google? Tongue Out


  • dahatdahat inanity makes my head hurt
    This is not so much a tour suggestion as an interview one… I’ve been wondering, are we ever going to get to meet the MSN Messenger team? (ie not Office Communicator, Spaces or Alerts as I assume there is a core Messenger group as well).
  • I know this is slightly off-topic, but could you guys get some more bandwidth? For the first 24 hours or so after a video is posted I get around 4kb/sec.
  • That is too awesome. I will definitely have to be at the next one.

    Thanks for the glimpse into the PDC Robert and Jeff. Big Smile

  • PJTewkesburyPJTewkesbury PJTewkesbury

    This is a little off topic, but here goes.

    There is no way I could have attended the PDC05 Sad. Does anyone know if Microsoft are going to make the PDS Sessions available as webcasts/videos etc like they did with PDC03?


    Peter Tewkesbury
  • For a moment I thought Scoble was going to tumble backwards down the escalator. Good thing you filmed that part first before the stop at the watering hole.

    Warning: Dramamine recommended for certain portions of this video.

    As far as the size of the main convention hall, it reminds me of the Sportshows that come through town here.  Usually, they are that big, too. Of course there it isn't "information overload" its "resort brochure overload".  But it makes for good reading in the winter months.

    So did you actually have Coronas? You guys should have blown across the tops of the Corona bottles...wait maybe that was a tapper.

    ::: rewinds video :::

    Wait...maybe Jeff was having wine or something I couldn't tell. I heard bottles breaking.

  • HarlequinHarlequin http:/​/​twitter.​com/True​Harlequin
    When was there an open bar by the Channel 9 area? I don't remember seeing that. Was it gone by Tuesday?
  • PJTewkesbury wrote:
    (Will) Microsoft make the PDS Sessions available as webcasts/videos etc like they did with PDC03?
    Yup, at the very least every attendee will get a copy when it's available, and those who didn't go can pay a few hundred and get the set.  Haven't heard if they'll put up a site for 6 months with the content online like last time.  I hope that happens...

  • Great idea. One suggestion. When you're walking through the building, face the camera forward and move it around instead of focusing on that guy the whole time. We can still hear what he's saying, it would just be nice to see what it would be like to actually walk through the place.
  • EmoAddict15EmoAddict15 Major Havoc
    These vidoes actually made me feel as if I was at some huge geek convention.  It was wonderful Smiley  It's convinced me to save up money for next year and take me and the lady to PDC:D

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