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PDC05 Road Trip - Episode 1


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PDC05 Road Trip - Episode 1

It is once again that special time that only comes around every so often.  It is the chance to leave the office, travel to an exotic location, and mix with hordes of fellow developers such as you.  However, there is at this time an agonizing decision to be made; who will go and who will be left behind? 

Who will come back with zany stories, arms full of cool tchotkes, and sporting a brand new deluxe backpack laptop/skateboard messenger bag?  Yes, it is that time to get ready for the Microsoft PDC05

Join us as we chronicle one guy’s journey to get to the event…


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  • Stevan VeselinovicSteve411 Me, all suited up!
    hahaha! Omg, I love you guys! This ROCKS!
  • Orbit86 wrote:
    I see LARRY!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT

    Aw shucks, you noticed Smiley
  • rhmrhm
    The 9 guy drives a Prius? I always knew he was a liberal weenie. Smiley
  • can I be the first to say -- wtf?! -- but none the less loved it, very funny. I like the toilet bit best.. Well actually I liked all of it... I also spotted Larry + Clippy.  

    Who do we have to send a postcard to so we can get a 9guy that big? Tongue Out
  • mejamie Niner since 2004
    i wonder if you send a big enough postcard.... hmmm  Wink
  • Christian Liensbergerlittleguru <3 Seattle
    Haha. The c9 guy rocks!
  • TensorTensor Im in yr house upgrading yr family

    And it answers the mystery - why is the 9 Guy allways smiling Wink

    So when is someone going to take the clue and actually make pacman with 9 guy and the longhorn ghosts?
  • iStationiStation Fuujin

    The C9 Guy Rocks!

  • TheProgrammerThe​Programmer Always on edge thinking...
    Who is that girl with the black high-heel? Who is she?  
  • ZippyVZippyV Fired Up
    Who are all those people? Were those police-guys real?
  • figuerresfiguerres ???
    so will the next chapter have rory ??

  • TensorTensor Im in yr house upgrading yr family
    And why shoot the bird down? Did I miss somthing there? I feel I did...
  • Deactivated UserDeactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

  • Deactivated UserDeactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

  • figuerresfiguerres ???
    Tensor wrote:
    And why shoot the bird down? Did I miss somthing there? I feel I did...

    well look at the last bits of that video...

    my take is the 9 guy is going to have some kind of strange adventure....

    the guy at the office is primed to go kinda nuts and the motel 9 guy pulls into looks a bit seedy....

    and why did the cop even pull him over? no reason for that I saw....

    so it kinda looks like he will have some strange adventures on the road...
  • ChadkChadk excuse me - do you has a flavor?
    Oh oh. This is gonna be fun, i belive Big Smile
  • VipulVipul Vipul
    thats what i call funny.
  • This is so awesome! I can't wait for episode 2!

  • He is cool Big Smile
  • waltalwaltal Walt Lounsbery
    Secret, hush-hush sources tell me that future episodes will feature the 9 guy riding with Toonces the Driving Cat (and we know how that episode ends).

    There are also rumors of a post-PDC sequel where the 9 guy is forced into the deathmatch cage for a 3-way match with the Jack guy from Jack In the Box and that freaky-looking Burger King guy.  I understand the 9 guy fries their burgers, so to speak. 

    Look for a sequel to the sequel where the 9 guy and Godzilla rip up Tokyo one more time...
  • MasterPieMasterPi Back to where it all started
    Hehe.  You guys are going to make a DVD of all the Episodes when you're done right? Smiley

  • FlyerFlyer Co-Ordinates Locked!
    Haha that was funny! Can't wait for Ep2! And yes, like a few others here, I too would like to know who that girl with the high-heels is? Can we get an interview with her? Wink
  • Orbit86 wrote:
    yeahh whoo is that girl..is she a dev? I rather see more of her Smiley, she's probably in marketing..never knoww

    I'm not 100% but as far as I know, most of the people in the video work at the company that came up with the idea for the video (with the obvious exceptions of Suzanne and myself).

    There are a couple of professional (and semi-professional) actors there as well (no, I won't tell who they are).

  • Oh I'm still laughing at the bathroom scene.  You knew what was going to happen but never the less it still killed!  That rivels with the Mark Miller (Dev Express) "breaking into the p0rn industry on Channel9" comment.  Keep bringing the good stuff.
  • jjjj J.J.

    This is great!!!

  • Dr. ShimDr. Shim Inaniloquent monomathical people inlapidate me.
    That was...


    I noticed Larry Osterman too. How can't you miss him?
  • stevenphstevenph Sunny California

    That was great, need more!!

  • LMAO you guys rock! HAHAHA i cant believe u guys actually have a channel9 dude built...

    suggestion for future episodes.... since microsoft and mtv have such a good lil relationship get the insult dog on an episode Big Smile
  • rhm wrote:
    The 9 guy drives a Prius? I always knew he was a liberal weenie.

    No, that's a Honda Insight. It's considerably smaller and slower (off the mark) than the Prius, and it gets even better mileage.

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