Paul Vick - Why would a VB 6.0'er consider VB.NET?

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If you're a Visual Basic 6.0 programmer, why would you consider moving to VB.NET? Paul Vick, technical lead (translation: smart dev) on the Visual Basic team talks to us about the trials and tribulations of learning VB.NET from the VB6'er point of view.





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    I don't think c# has any sharp corners.  I have used pascal, cobol, rpgII, basic, vb6, asm, etc.  C# is the first lang I can actually think in and does not leave you resorting to hacks around things the lang/platform does not support.  Anyway, JMHO. Cheers
    wjs mvp
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    Like a tree-hugging hippie liberal, I refused to learn pointers becuase they were ugly. I could have went for the money and forced myself to learn C++ but I knew the language was not designed from the ground up for my first love OOP. C++ brings you closer to the patchy Windows OS---too close for me.

    Before the wonderful arrival of C#, I was a VBA/VB6/tSQL guy---but I also was a JavaScript guy and loved to build relatively complex JavaScript/HTML apps (thanks to the sage teachings of Danny Goodman). It was this JavaScript syntax that prepared me for the angle-bracket "strangeness" of C#.

    I can tell by the way RegisterClientScriptBlock is implemented in ASP.NET that most programmers of the Visual Studio world don't have a deep understanding of JavaScript (JScript)---and VB.NET guys, I assume, really don't care about JScript. And in here lies my accusation of the VB.NET design team and their use of the keyword My:

    VB.NET developers are not required to be concerned about the theory behind what they are doing. They can just write and write and edit and continue and the development environment will try its level best to guess what the theory is behind what they are doing and help them out as best as it can. For most VB programmers I am convinced this works out just fine---and, in VB.NET, they are not prevented from being more serious and more formal once they decide to get whiteboard theoretical.

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    I am a VB.NET guy and I care A LOT about javascript, it's very important to create smooth, user-friendly web apps.
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    Sven Groot
    dotnetjunkie wrote:
    I am a VB.NET guy and I care A LOT about javascript, it's very important to create smooth, user-friendly web apps.


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