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    14 miles to the gallon! christ, thats bad. As an environmentalist I would like the computer to advertise another car from the company with more sensible mpg. That asside I would have liked to have seen the directions give [for the nearest cinema] as you aproached them.

    Instead of the computer saying, go left, right, up, down etc... as you get to the left, then the comp says turn left next, but when you reach it instead of having to remember. Also a visual projected into the back seats so the kids can help out and direct if the driver would like to concentrate on the road.

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    This seems very similar to what I'm working on . I've written a voice activated control system for my car Smiley
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    Cool stuff!
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    Real coolstuff.

    Did anyone think about hooking this system up to a alarmsystem?

    for example a clifford which is already ready to hook up.

    some great features like starting, immobillizing, arm or disarm the alarmsystem, lock/unlock doors, roll down or up the windows etc.. just by voice?

    As I conclude from the 2 nice videoos this is a completly standalone system, combining existing features into 1 system.
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    Fantastic. I never seen this before in Malaysia except movies like I,Robot. Smiley

    Nice work.
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    Its an entire community built on Car PCs.

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