Raghavendra Prabhu - Briefly Inside the Windows Forms Designer

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We were recently at a Visual Studios Components lab here on the Redmond campus and ran into Raghavendra, an SDE on the Windows Forms team. He tells us a little bit about the Designer and how it's made.


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The Discussion

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    So what's the "seven lines of code" that makes a drop down list of connection strings show up in the propert designer? Is there are UI type editor for SQL Server stuff?
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    Raghavendra Prabhu
    The 'seven lines of code' I mentioned was about hosting the Windows Forms designer in your application. You can find more details here.

    When you host the designer, you will automatically get most of the design time functionality you see in Visual Studio (but not all, since some of it is Visual Studio specific).
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    Seven lines? That's a fair improvement on what it took before.
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    does vs 2005 implementations of windows forms designer have anything common with SharpDevelop's implementations of forms designer?
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    AFAIK SharpDevelop just hosts the Windows Froms designer that is part of the .NET framework, same as VS2002/3 does.
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