Rajesh George - Three new features in SQL Server Express

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The Discussion

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    So, where is the Express Manager tool when it's downloadable?

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    Hey cameraman, learn to close the blinds if they're behind your subject, dude!!! That was just plain SCARY with those big beady eyes staring into the camera in the middle of a sillouhette! ROFL!!
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    Yeah, it wasn't me. I won't say who it was, but Jeff won't make that mistake again!
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    Is he in some kind of witness protection program? All that is missing is the distorted voice and that he's not talking about the mafia. Smiley
    Anywho, It's interesting that he mentions that there are administration tools for SQL Server Exprpess, because I couldn't find anything useful after the install. Is that an additional download?
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    Bad lighting, simplistic details.  Why was this posted?  It's pointless.

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