Richard Turner - What would you tell a college student who is trying to decide between .NET or other

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    Interesting point. I've tried to impress this upon the students at our place because it certainly seems to reflect my experience. Unfortunately Linux/Java currently have a "cool" factor that .NET and Microsoft lack.
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    Hello everyone..

    Just wanted to add a few things..

    Its funny - I used to be one of those java/linux guys and stumbled across .net 3 years ago by chance.. since then I never looked back..

    Now for my point ( Big Smile ) - I'm currently completing my CS degree and have been able to turn those non-believers into steadfast followers!

    I actually argued many of their points - both from a technical and a business perspective.

    What really won them over is when did the following :

    Both parties would sit at one computer - so me and the other guy

    Then we would make up something to do. For example, make a webpage that takes in email address and verifies it to make sure its valid..

    now the java/linux guy was able to keep up with me while we were making it.. so he still wasnt impressed

    then we made a new assignment.. we decided to create 1 table in a database of our choice and populate with some data i just so happened to have handy (100000+ records) (basicaly a product table)

    what we had to do was simple - search the data and spit back a response based off the search criteria in a nice manor..

    well i think it took me a total of 10 minutes to perform this task..

    afterwich i preceded to the coke machine while he spent his time coding away..

    the end result - what wound up winning him over - productivity.. he was amazed at how fast one was able to make something - moreover - he was doubly impressed that it looked better than his..

    and this is a hardcore / g00r00 linux type..

    i will admit it hasnt been easy converting the masses but i shall convert all to c# one way or another

    lol sorry some geek humor there

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