Rico Mariani - Making .NET Perform (Happy Birthday Video #2)

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Rico Mariani, architect on the .NET Common Language Runtime Team, knows a bit about making .NET perform.

So, what about .NET? Can it perform? What are the tricks on making your apps run fast? Rico knows and shares his insights.


CLR, Rico Mariani



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The Discussion

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    This guy is my bloody hero, his is one of the only blogs I make sure I check out everyday and can't possibly explain how much time and energy he's saved me.
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    Any pointer you guys can give to understand the GC more? A "GC for Dummies" sort?
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    I keep a good general bibliography of performance related stuff here.

    And the one you want in particular is here.

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    Martin Kulov
    I am having problems seeking in this file. I tried various video players and could not find one that can seek in this video.
    Also the video stops at some time and Media Player says that it is unrecognized format. I downloaded the file again, just in case, and still the problem persists.
    Does anyone have similar problems?


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