Robert Green - What is the "My" namespace Visual Basic 2005?

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The "My" namespace in the next version of Visual Basic promises to making programming .NET applications easier. Here's an article on MSDN about it and Robert Green, program manager on Visual Basic, talks more about the new namespace here.





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The Discussion

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    I haven't heard anyone address dealing with MY in a multideveloper environment.  I think it would be handy if a function could be created to write all MY calls out in regular code when the guy who used it all the time quits and the rest of us have to support his stuff.

    Developers can be so good at doing what they know how to do, you hate to ask them not to use a tool like MY, but on the other hand, if only some of the developers are comfortable with it, and it can be a dead end if needs get more complicated...

    What's my point?

    It would be nice to have a quick and easy way out of MY.  It would make me feel more comfortable using it and encouraging others to use it.
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    Not sure I understand "easy way out of MY".  TMK, you don't need to use it.  It is just another abstration around existing classes and win32.  I think it is a great idea (c# user myself.)  Not sure why they scope it just to VB, it should be in Framework and all could use it.  The MSH team should also export MY for scriping.  Quick easy way to discover common admin tasks.  Please put in the Framework if not already.  Cheers!
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    I am just an old dog trying to learn a couple of new tricks. But it sounds like a great improvement over traditional VB to ADSI scripting.
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    Maybe this doesn't make sense, but I'll try it anyway:
    Say I use the, and then I want to go ahead an make customizations that is not available through "my". Is there a way to get the underlying code expanded inline, like expanding a macro? That would be a really great way to learn stuff. You can get a program up and running and then go look at the details of the my's that are interesting and see what it does behind the scenes.
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    Don't forget about Inheritance.

    Just like all objects in the .NET Framework, you can extend the functionality of them by using Inheritance.

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    Oh, yeah, you can also use partial classes in VB.NET 2005 to extend the "My" namespace.

    Partial classes are really cool, you can have multiple code files make up one Class. Why might one want to do this, you may ask? Well, If you have mutliple developers working on a project, multiple of them could be working on different parts of the same class at the same time.
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    hey, I feel like I'm talking to myself here.

    I wonder, do image tags work in here...

    Sweet!!! I guess you do learn something everyday.

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    The " Here's an article on MSDN " links to a "Location Cannot Be Found" page

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