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Robert Hess has been around Microsoft for a long time (16 years at last count). You've probably seen Robert before, since he hosts the .NET show on MSDN.

But there are a few other things that you might not know about Robert. For one, he's the author of the DrinkBoy Web site where he shares all sorts information about the art of making cocktails.

Second, he runs a group of Longhorn evangelists here at Microsoft that build a variety of applications -- his team built the demos that were used on stage during keynotes at the PDC.

Anyway, he invited us to his favorite cafe/bar in Seattle to talk tech, Microsoft history, and more (the rest of his conversation will come up over the next week or so).

Since he helped form the evangelism team here at Microsoft, we wondered how he'd answer the question of "what is an evangelist?"



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The Discussion

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    I did not really understand any of that...
      Let me try again..
     Nope, nothing..
     Anyway.. Great show man! Keep it up
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    Robert Hess is awesome.  I've seen my share of .NET Show episodes and it sometimes seems like he knows MS' techs better than the guys who are actually coding them.

    Though at times, it must be a bit frustrating doing what he does.  I've seen episodes in which he rephrases the questions to his guests ten times over and he gets answers that are completely off the mark.  The worst part is that these guys should have no difficulty answering them as the questions revolve around the projects they are working on.

    Anywho, aside from the occasional hiccup in his speech, I'd say Robert expresses himself really well and generally does a very good job of being concise.

    Keep up the good work.
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    That was a good start. I look forward to the rest of the videos in the series (and the not-so-steady camera work).
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    Interesting stuff. And possibly the coolest job title in history. Smiley

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