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It's Friday so we thought we'd do something a little more fun than we've been doing lately (if riding around with Senior Vice Presidents isn't fun enough).

So, we asked Robert Hess what a cocktail geek is (Robert keeps the Drinkboy site where you can learn a lot more about cocktails and has been a Microsoft employee for 16 years).

What kind of geek are you?



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The Discussion

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Why I can't watch the videO??
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    Ma-ra-ski-no. The "ch" group in italian is a hard "k". Like bruschetta. Smiley
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    sbsummer: can you watch any of the videos?

    What OS are you on? What media player version?

    Does anything happen?

    Are you behind a proxy server?

    We're working on download links so that you can download the videos and watch them locally. Coming soon.
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    Robert Hess
    ...Ma-ra-ski-no... yeah, I know. Old habits die hard. I still try to use ";" all the time whenever I write VB.NET code :->

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    Interesting video. I am a point of sale geek food service and retail.
    I wonder what type of point of sale system Zig Zag is using? I am always looking for point of sale equipment when in these types of environments. See what they are using.
    I'm a beer drinker but like the Vodka Gimlet.
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    Invader Zim

    I remember watching the .NET show once and in it one  segment featured Robert Hess-  how many times has he appeared in the .NET show?

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    Robert Hess

    Um.... I'm the "Host" of the .NET Show, so I guess that means I've appeared in every one of them :->

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