Robert Williams - How does the Tablet PC team come up with new features?

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Robert Williams is an executive with the Tablet PC team and he talks about how the Tablet PC team works to come up with new features.

This team is representative of many that work at Microsoft. Developers, User Experience experts, Architects, and Evangelists all work together to bring out products.

Which groups would you most like to hear from in future Channel9 interviews?



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    The Discussion

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      >Which groups would you most like to hear from in future Channel9 interviews?

      I would like to see more tours in the buildings where Chris Sells (and Scoble behind the camera?) just goes down the hall, talk with some people, let them explain what they are doing, sit in someone else's chair, make jokes, disturb a meeting. Actually, this would be cool: attend a meeting with the Longhorn team. I want to see and hear how such a meeting goes.
      Videos from the Office team, Flight Simulator team or DirectX/XNA team would be cool too.
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      I would love to see some interviews with the DirectX team that handles the move to Managed code with DirectX.  I would like to hear about views on using Managed DirectX not just for gaming but also for topics such as scientific and business.
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      We really need an interview with the MSN team. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in improving MSN and there is a lot of development that is currently happening in the MSN unit: MSN Search, MSN Services, improvements to MSN Hotmail, etc.
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      I agree with zippy. I'd also add that these 40 second type clips can be dull and do not have time to pick up the interviewees passion/interest in the subject, it easily comes out as short dull clip which feel  like reading marketing brochure.. Sorry! 

      4-10 minutes per clip where there's not just a monologue but actual conversation and some background details of the stuff being talked about would make these more interesting.

      A possible arrangement would be to organize the videos by person/team instead of subject. Then when you've watched a whole interview, there would be the different subjects talked listed under the particular interview node.

      Something like:

      + Tablet PC Team / Robert Williams (Watch the whole interview)

      -+ Subject 1 talked during the interview
      --+ Reply 1
      --+ Reply 2

      -+ Subject 2 talked during the interview
      --+ Reply 1
      --+ Reply 2

      Also the videos could be segmented so that if someone does not care to watch the person introduce himself / talk background / history stuff, one could skip those segments..

      Of course I see that this would require lot of coding, but hey, you have .NET - it's a days job!

      Edit: With the subjects etc separated in the DB, you could of course search and sort by subjects too. Clickin on the subject would load the whole interview but automatically seek to the particular point in the video. Cool? Smiley
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      ZippyV: A tour around the Avalon team's building with Chris Anderson is coming next week.

      And on Monday Anders Hejlsberg gives us a tour of the museum.

      I will start making the videos longer too.

      Attending meetings is harder.

      We're getting over to see the Xbox Live team soon. Flight Simulator would be fun too.
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      Androidi, good feedback. I'll try to get some longer/better videos into the mix.
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      scobleizer wrote:
      A tour around the Avalon team's building with Chris Anderson is coming next week.

      Is Anderson as cool & funny as Sells?
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      Nah, but it's good anyway.
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      OMG That's my Dad!!!! Lol! He doesn't do Tablet anymore he's go a new super cool project now

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