Robert Williams - Is the Tablet PC technology good enough for using the pen only?

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One of the questions the Tablet PC team gets a lot is "is it really ready to use with only a pen?" Robert Williams is the executive in charge of working with OEM partners. He does a lot of market research, and gathers feedback from OEMs and customers and knows just how hard it is to get people to give up the keyboard, and talks about some of those challenges here.



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The Discussion

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    Hey ch9 guys,

    I love the videos!  I am getting a lot out of this.  Just one request.  Could you rig it so we can hear the questions as well?  This is the best thing Microsoft has done since introduction of the TabletPC!  Keep it coming.
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    Yes, we have new microphones (and a mixer) on order that'll let us do this. Sorry about that. Right now I'm using a single wired microphone. Getting good audio is hard and we're not professional at it.
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    Last year there were some conflicting reports from Microsoft about the future of tablet pc. With tablet hardware getting lighter & cheaper, and fuel cells around the curve, Tablet will be a good bet for a pleasant mobile computing experience.
    I hope Microsoft doesn't choke so soon and backtracks with its tablet pc initiative just when people are expecting mobile devices to be much more than just personal organizers, or voice/music combos.

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    Tyler Brown
    I think that we will all be impressed with the tablet PC come 2007 when Longhorn is released. Perhaps by then fuel cells will be standard in the latest tablet PC's and laptops!

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