Robin & Liangxiao Demonstrate the Application Designer (Part 2)

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Robin and Liangxiao complete their demonstration of the application designer in this video.  Here you'll see the resulting Office Application querying a class library that pulls information from a web service interface to a database. 

At the end of the demonstration we talked a bit more about dogfooding, improvements over the beta 1 release, and their favorite VS 2005 features.

We'll have a demo of one of their favorite features in the next week or so.





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The Discussion

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    Cool videos, I still run Studios 2003 but seeing all the cool stuff that 2005 has to offer I may switch over when the Final comes out.
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    A few comments and my feedback:
    • Some really slow load times...they really need to go faster (I counted them on my fingers, so it's a rough estimate)
      • 22 seconds loading web service in IE 9 ("slow web servers at Microsoft" is getting to be a lame excuse for slow webservice or application to browser performance)
      • 15 seconds loading diagram initially (drawing circles with the mouse indicate Liangxiao was getting impatient as well)
      • 7 seconds loading VS 2005 first time
      • 6 seconds to run web service again
      • 6 seconds - creating new webform in VS2005
    • Quirky diagrams (textboxes rather than immediate diagram of classes as they wanted)
    • Getting diagrams (and the projects containing them) working in SourceSafe is what is needed at a minimum.  I'm not sure how it is more efficient to communicate using textboxes or this type of diagram rather than initially mapping things out in a regular 1-on-1 meeting.
    • The *.config files are even more confusing in these mixed apps than currently.  And the file-based (as opposed to localhost) webapps have the potential to default to all the wrong places because VS.NET may have a different concept of default location than a user.  For example, I really don't want everything I have to automatically be pushed to %UserProfile%\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects. 
    • OK, the profiler is pretty cool.  Out of curiosity, can those statistics and data be also uploaded to SourceSafe?  As far as performance metrics, they would be useful.
    I'm currently doing C# .NET development for a major financial bank in NYC (and while still a student am a Student Ambassador to Microsoft and promote .NET in general).  I deal with VS .NET 2003 a lot and work through hundreds of thousands of lines of C# code.

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