Sara Ford - Finding and Logging a Bug (Maddog Part 4)

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Logging bugs is easy.  Logging “QA” quality bugs takes a little more time, energy, and focus.  Logging a bug requires a well-written title and the fewest number of steps to reproduce the bug.

In this clip, SaraF “raids” a product bug found while investigating a test case failure, demo’ing how to minimize the number of repro steps and how to write an effective bug title.

For more information on writing a good bug report check out this post from the Product Feedback Center blog.

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    The Discussion

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      Now let's find the guilty programmer and have him fix this bug.
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      This bug has been postponed, which was the resolution i had expected.  The bug didn't meet the bar, meaning there were too many other more important bugs to fix for Whidbey.  And, as i said in the video, i don't think you would want me to delay the Whidbey ship date because of this bug.  I know I wouldn't want to.  =)

      Also, i don't think the programmer is the guilty party here, if there even is a guilty party.  The triage team said that this was how the data tip was designed, and from their usability studies, no one had run into this issue before.  I think that's what makes me a good tester - i don't interact with UI the same way most people do.  So, I can find these scenarios and get triage teams to make the right call, before the users run into them.

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      I usually like my tests to all pass. If you get a bug that is postponed do you just live with a failing test, do you remove the scenario for now, or do you "reverse" test it (test for the wrong results until they fix it)? Is this the first time that this test was run?


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      Hi Mark, good questions.  We want all tests to pass, so if a bug isn't going to be fixed, we have to either find a workaround or change the verification.  If we know that the bug will be fixed, we continue to let the test case fail until the fix is checked-in.  Bugs causing the nighlties to fail need to be fixed as soon as possible.

      This test has been running for as long as we've had an editor =)


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