Sara Ford - How many bugs a day do you find?

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Sara Ford, who is a tester on the Visual Studio team, talks about how many bugs she finds a day. During the interview she also reveals that there's such a thing as a "cool" bug. Find out what she means.



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The Discussion

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    In my own mind the coolest bugs resulted from the interaction between our products and some other product. Back to the POS days in the early early days of windows the POS software had to run on all manner of wierd hardware and driver bases. Isolation of detremental interaction between differing hardware/driver combinations resulted in the finding of some of my Coolest bugs. 

    The biggest culprits of the time...

    Network stacks and remote access software, those two things alone accounted for 80% of our issues. Things like RAS in 20 times and on the 21'st BOOM. While those smacked of resource leaks they were not always due to simple holes in the memory allocation schemes. Automation certainly would have helped in those cases.

    It is interesting to note that many our our issues were ours because of our relative size in the grand scheme. Often the issue was handled by ourselves because we could not get a vendor to even acknoledge that there might be a problem on their side of the fence. We had to find another way or walk away, and we did not walk away from much.
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