Sara Ford - When you talk about learning at Microsoft, what do you mean?

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    I believe that always having something to learn that could be directly applied to ones day to day activities is the singularly most important thing keeping me interested. Lets face it on the surface IT generally appears to be somewhat non fulfilling.

    Toiling away working with systems and processes and products that you have little or no control over. Working with people who look to you for answers and have not a lot of understanding of what it takes to get those answers. When a problem arises it’s often your neck with the dashed line crossectioning it under the blade.

    The constant challenge of new stuff to experience and being able to pull your neck out from under that blade using some of that new stuff makes it worthwhile. So much so that I will spend prodigious amounts of my free time piddling about with new stuff, I would imagine a great many CH9 readers do also.  
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    Personally, I just love technology, and learning things about new technology is fun for me.  Being able to use it every day is great, but there is something to be said for learning for learning's sake.

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