Scott Guthrie - Tour of Microsoft's platform lab (aka building 20)

Play Scott Guthrie - Tour of Microsoft's platform lab (aka building 20)

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    i do second what rasx said. it's a pleasure to follow scott through building 20. interesting stuff again!
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    I respect the fluent, informative and professional presentations of Scott Guthrie. His appearances on DotNet Rocks! and MSDNTV are destined to be classics. The transformation of ASP to ASP.NET should be regarded as miraculous. ASP.NET 2.0 looks almost divine.

    But his use of the term "community activist" may redefine the meaning of the word for the future W2 generations who really don't care anyway. So, dig: in the future, Pat Boone will be remembered as a "community activist" for the automotive industry.
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    Notice that Scott mentions the ASP.Net team was getting IIS7 today!

    Now I want to know what kind of features MS is planning.
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    Jeremy W
    ... HP's in the server room? I wish I could rewind the video because it looked like a lot of HP's, some storage units and then a few Dell 2650's to the side.


    And were those Compaq racks? Gah! Wink
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    Jeremy W
    Are these tours "fly in and see what's going on" type things? Do the participants have to pay or is it covered by Microsoft?

    I'd be interested in participating either way, as one of the things our company is lacking is real direction on what's possible with Microsoft. We get a lot of that from Novell (hence, we're primarily a Novell company, except at the OS level which is Windows).

    It'd be great to show what's possible in our industry (healthcare, I work at one of the largest hospitals in the world).

    edit: ahh, Insiders and MVP's. Guess that counts me out as there aren't really "Enterprise" MVP's, are there?
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    Robert, Why don't you go into building 20 with a hidden mini camera and record what microsoft is kepping in secret, like IIS 7? Nobody would know that it was you... or maybe yes, but you could always say that it was Mike Hall Wink 

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