Scott Swanson - Introduces himself and the new help system in Whidbey

Play Scott Swanson - Introduces himself and the new help system in Whidbey

The Discussion

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    Cool shirt, I want one of those! Wink

    I completely agree with the shortcomings of the current help systems - Great reference, but no howto. Looking forward to Whidbey (As if I wasn't already..)

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    Next Microsoft person who answers a question with "So..." gets a boot to the head! Seriously though, it's great to hear that Help is evolving to look more like a Google search. Help can be painful if you don't know the name of the API you need.
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    They make us say "So..." all the time you know.  It flashes during refresh on our screens all day every day to get burned into our heads...  (just kidding)

    Catatonic, have you had a chance to try one of the Whidbey Alpha releases yet and see the new Help system first hand?


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    I haven't had the chance to try Whidbey yet. Visual C++ 6 is still my bread and butter. So far I've only deployed one small .NET project, but I write a bit of C# code in my spare time so I don't fall too far behind.
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    Catatonic wrote:
    Next Microsoft person who answers a question with "So..." gets a boot to the head!...

    Haha, I'm was beginning to think it was ordinary American slang to begin answering a question with "So.." and I just hadn't heard about it before. Smiley
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    Jeremy W
    It is actually an American thing. British is "yeah", as in:

    "[big boring sentence], yeah?"

    It's actually something they train you to do in public speaking courses. Have a few keywords you use naturally which give you a chance to pause but, more than anything, gives the audience a chance to digest for a second.

    Good speakers have one word. Great speakers have several techniques for this.

    I'm definitely not in the second group Wink
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    just trying my new awatar...
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