Scott Swanson -- What are search providers in Whidbey?

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Scott Swanson, who is a program manager on the Visual Studio 2005 team (code-named Whidbey) talks about the help SDK that developers will be able to use to plug in their own help functionality.

Audio is a bit low on the interview, but Scoble is asking whether a team, like the Office team, or a third-party product, could be able to make their own help system that plugs into Visual Studio. The answer is yes, and Scott talks about how to build a search provider, and what that is.



The Discussion

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    Offtopic: Someone talks behind the camera (asking questions presumably?), but unfortunately the only microphone you are using isn't picking it up well.
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    That was me, sorry about that. We're buying better microphones. Unfortunately the ones we're currently using only allow one input at the moment. I should have edited it down to two videos.

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    excellent videocongratulations

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