Scott Swanson - What does the next version of Visual Studio do for mobile users?

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Developing for Mobile Devices is starting to be hot and one of the things that Scott Swanson likes most about the next version of Visual Studio is the aides for building applications for the new SmartPhones.

Scott also lets slip that the help team also is "eating the dogfood" (which means to use their own product to build their product) and is building Visual Studio's help features in C#.

He also talks a bit about other things that excite him in the next version of Visual Studio.

The interviewer here is Robert Scoble, and we're sorry you can't hear him very well (he covers why and what we're thinking of doing about it in this thread: Video quality on Channel9, should we step it up?)



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The Discussion

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    I'm so glad to hear that you're not using IE Favorites anymore. That's my number 1 nuisance with the Feb. 2003 Platform SDK.
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