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    This is a great product, Small Business Server rocks.  Also so does Susan Bradely, a bit opionated but great info.  I read her blog and also her postsing on the patch management list, if I recall correctly. (At home so not looking at work email where I subscribe.)  Although I don't always agree with her, the information provided is always interesting

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    This is the best package that MS offers.  I'm currently rolling out a client on it now and it has eased a lot of the setup.  Last night I created 5 users with email accounts, setup the domain, Exchange, an ftp site, a web site (no coding yet) and an intranet all within an hour.  I'm even thinking of setting one up at home for myself!
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    Andre Da Costa

    I read that Longhorn SBS will only be 64 bit, is this really, really true and are you sure that you guys aren't comitting suicide?

    Susan Bradley is nice, I saw a picture of her once diagnosing a blue on a Kiosk running Windows NT. That was really funny. She left a KB Note on it! Big Smile

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    SBS Longhorn being 64 bit is still a discussion we're having.  We haven't finalized any plans regarding this yet.
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    I've been installing SBS since version 4.0, every version up to 2000 was poor. SBS 2000 was great, SBS 2003 is just super cool!

    I've have just setup my own company supplying advice and support to small business here in the UK.

    It's great value for what it costs and it's a great way of small business getting the benfits of the more expensive products.

    OMA is just great! When I explain the concept to (and show) my customers that it can be done, they reply with how much is that going to cost? Then I tell them it's inculded with SBS no more to pay. Job done SOLD!

    Great work to the SBS team, do they have a blog, as I do have some suggestions?

    Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see what happens with SBS with Longhorn!


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