Steve Swartz - Talking about SOA

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Service Oriented Architecture. It's the current hype phrase for developers and architects.

One day recently Robert Scoble ran into Steve Swartz, an architect on the Indigo team, and the conversation quickly turned to SOA's.

"What is SOA?"

"The real question is 'what isn't it?'" Steve answered, then proceeds to tell us what SOA isn't.

Can't get enough of Steve? He's on MSDN TV giving an intro to Indigo.



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The Discussion

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    Dr. Shim
    I liked this video a lot. I find it easier to watch the videos when they are shorter.
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    In relation to your question about the originas of SOA: I don't know it's actual origins but it was fairly settled in some places back in 1999*, and I assume earlier.  It'd be interesting to hear the opinion of some 'softies about Jini.

    * The Xerox Portico team.
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    Cool Vid Scooby!

    Steve Swartz is a guy I haven't heard allot about but it's obvious he's in the thick of things.

    I'll look forward to hearing more from him in the future.


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    One: where's Rocky's two cents on this topic?

    Two: where's the small office jokes? Was that really an office?
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    His office is bigger than it seems. I just got him on one side of it.
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    He said Indigo is going to ship in a couple of weeks? When is its scheduled release?
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    body must not be empty... [Duncanma]
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    Martin Kulov
    Dr. Shim wrote:
    I liked this video a lot. I find it easier to watch the videos when they are shorter.

    +1 for shorter videos

    Channel9, please make shorter videos. I just stopped watching you because of these 1 hour videos. They are too time consuming though valuable.
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    These are words from an old grumpy programmer.

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