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The 9 Guys - Who We Are

15 minutes, 13 seconds


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Welcome to Channel 9.  We are five guys at Microsoft who want a new level of communication between Microsoft and developers. We believe that we will all benefit from a little dialogue these days. This is our first attempt to move beyond the newsgroup, the blog, and the press release to talk with each other, human to human.

Want to know more? 

Please read our Channel 9 Doctrine or watch the video below to learn more.

- The Channel 9 Team


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  • lennlenn Fo' Shizzle
    Wow ... it is live, what a milestone for us. Great work guys.  Can't wait to see what everyone thinks.


  • Jeremy WJeremy W that blogging guy
    Congrats, I love this!

    Keep doing these updates with the whole team.
  • Very cool....
  • Hi!

    Congratulations about this proyect!
    Its a great idea........

    A group of cool peolple doing a cool web Big Smile
  • JoeGJoeG Smiles everyone, smiles.


    Great idea. Take more cold medicine!

  • This whole idea is /great/! Well done guys, I'm really looking forward to what's to come!
  • gapmangapman windohs.net
    Good job guys.
  • good work! but the voice in the video is not loud enough. turn it up. guys.

  • A good start.  Keep it up.

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    Thanks for the feedback all. And remember, we made this place for you: a place where you will have a voice that echoes in the halls of Microsoft. Thanks for joining in the conversation.
  • ToloTolo Tolo


    This seems to be the thing we waited for a very long time. I wish you lots of power to keep up with the neverending demands of the developer community Smiley

    Thanks, and best wishes


  • compnerdcompnerd The Nerd of St. Charles, Missouri
    I'm liking this already....  Keep up the work!
  • This is cool and helpful for both sides. Smiley
  • Looks good.. I'm very happy to see MS using rich media, not just here but such as the .NET show and MSDN T.V. I will be interested in seeing if the community ends up needing any kind of democratic policing measures.. ala /. karma.
  • This is going to be great! I can feel it!



  • Stuart CelarierStuart Celarier Don violates Stuart's service boundaries at PDC 03
    Let me get this straight. You guys are getting paid to do this? Brilliant experiment.

    I am going to go buy some cough medicine right away. Rock on.

    Hmmm, what's this cool little "sealed" checkbox at the bottom of the Reply form? "Do not allow replies to this post." I'll have to give it a try. 3 - 2 - 1 - post!

    Uh, oh, there's a not-so-cool broken graphic "x" from checking the "sealed" box.
  • electricninjaelectricnin​ja "I just had the coolest idea..."
    Did you mean cough medicine or Jaegermeister?  Sometimes the two are easily confused, especially in practice.
  • lennlenn Fo' Shizzle

    Damn ... I thought it tasted a lot like licorice. 

    Or maybe it was the codine cough medicine ...

    Guess I should drink the whole bottle next time huh?

    In all seriousness, thanks for the kind words folks.  Glad to see you all here. 

    Keep the conversation coming.

  • Great Site- a few tweaks here and there - and it will really take off....

    Now for some side humor (laugh or don't laugh)

    I guess 2 guys didn't get the memo-
    It is Black Shirt Day. Smiley
  • giasensgiasens Me.LaZy.04
    cool... =)
  • At Last ... my eyes can't take another million Web Pages .. Kep the vids up!!!

    Maith an Fir sibh!
  • congrats, keep it going Smiley

  • dabossukdabossuk me in the nude!
    Great site guys! - I missed PDC this year Sad But next year I will make it over!

    I too have a fear of flying! yet have to fly a lot! So understand the fears but control them! Wink

  • WetGoatWetGoat Mentally Challenged Systems Engineer
    Good work guys,  It looks like this will be a great success.

  • ZeoZeo Channel 9 :)
    More videos!!! Keep them coming.
  • KennethKenneth Kenneth
    Nice work guys and gals(?)
  • tommyswftommyswf Me?
    nice design interface
    well done , i like here
  • object88object88 amplify.
    If it's even remotely possible, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE provide links to the videos; don't embed them into the pages.  I don't want to install the latest and greatest WM9, and I'm constantly getting asked to download something from Microsoft.  Four times on the front page!

    If I do install WM9, will I automagically download 4 videos when I come to the front page, or when my local cache expires?  Really, I don't need to use the bandwidth, I just have some developer questions I need answered.


  • Hello, thanks for your work guys, your work is highly appreciated! Now, let the community grow Smiley
    Ciao Torsten
  • object88object88 amplify.
    Ah-hah!  Works much better in Internet Explorer.  Mozilla, not so much.  Very sad.  (What can I say, I like my options...)

    Anyway, to answer my own question, it looks like it's not d/l'ing the whole dang videos.  Phew!  Smiley

    Thanks, and off to ask questions!
  • lennlenn Fo' Shizzle
    More videos coming soon.  Scoble ... get em up there Wink

    We hear you loud and clear on the video delivery and viewing options and are going to evolve this in answer to your feedback. Browser issues will be fixed as well.  Yes, we understand choice.  Just had to prioritize to ship. 

    We have a little saying around here ... he who ships gets to ship again. 
  • Great Job.
  • LwatsonLwatson One ugly mug...

    Very nice to see. While I have always known that the folks at the monster that is Microsoft are in fact folks like myself, that have the same sorts of desires and drives it will definately be nice to get proof and to have a dialog of sorts with those folks. My own situation is so devoid of conversation with the thinkers of the industry I view this as a sort of replacement for that, in many ways a better replacement for that conversation that is lacking now.

    Good job on the launch fellows...

  • NeoNeo
    You guys code
    You guys visits TechEd/TechFest to give presentations
    You guys blog
    Now this latest Channel 9...Unbelievable.

    Where in the world you guys get time?
  • LwatsonLwatson One ugly mug...
    Neo Asked...

    Where in the world you guys get time?

    Well for one I saw that jeffsand was on at 2:45am eastern. Even if he is in Redmond (Which I believe he is) thats just a touch before midnight.

    Thats how they do it they don't need to sleep.

    Hey wait a minute...
    That means I was up at nearly 3am...
    Why aren't I that productive?

  • BeredonBeredon It's Evolution, Baby!
    Wow. I can't wait to see where this site goes in the future. Keep up the good work fellas, and keep on that cold medicine - I think you're onto something there.
  • LinLin
    Hi all,
    Great idea, cool.
    Microsoft first in one open mode.
  • scobleizerscobleizer I'm the video guy
    Sleep? What's that?
  • andotandot BTM

    Good idea~
    I will come here every night from now on.

  • Jeff Sandquistjeffsand Inch by Inch
    Lwatson wrote:
    Neo Asked...
    Well for one I saw that jeffsand was on at 2:45am eastern. Even if he is in Redmond (Which I believe he is) thats just a touch before midnight.

    It is not a job it is a lifestyle! :->   To be honest my little one had awoken in the night with a bad cough, after getting her back to sleep, I had to go check out the site and see what was happening.

  • Jiří Macich mlJiří Macich ml Jiří Macich ml.
    This project is revolution idea. And  graphic design is very good.
  • Congratulations, it´s a nice work! Keep it up.

  • good,cool
  • are you ready?
  • AkainaAkaina C9 is cool, but /. has better karma.
    This is really a viable community. Great job.
  • kfzdkfzd rabbi
    that's cool.I love channel9.
  • I think you're question about what is your greatest fear of failure for this project is valid.

    I often ask that question when I'm building a new website or application. It's important to ask "Who cares?" and "Why are we doing this?"

    My take is that you want to do this to connect with developers and build relationship. That can't happen in a vacuum. I think that if you connect with developers and build relationship, you'll be way ahead of the game and will in turn build loyalty, trust and respect.

    Let the connecting begin...
  • SparkerSparker That's me!!
    Well my brothers, this is a great site. I really see a great opportunity for all of us. This is the time for sharing resources and things that we had always waited for. Please, let's make from this Site a useful tool for this giant community around the world. Thanks 4 this great idea and all you may be sure that this will be in benefit of us.

    Douglas Pérez
    Systems Engineer
  • Nice site guys!

    I have joined all the way from Australia, and can't wait to get a few minutes to browse around the site and see what's going on.

    Keep up the good work!

  • "We don't know if we're actually going to create something and release it, so why tell people about it?"

    When I ran a beta site, I used to have 20k+ people a day coming to my site for that exact reason. It's ANY pre-release features - whether or not they'll make it into the final product - which people get the most excited about.

    In fact, things like the Redshark program - Codename Neptune and Odyssey - are still some of the most talked about things in the beta scene, excluding Longhorn. Things like Activity Centers and the Sideshow should've been shown off back then, and things like DCE and MIL should be shown off now.

    These are the sort of things which keep people up at night; mainly out of frustration that they're being "kept in the dark" about them, somewhat. Not to mention all of the community efforts to unlock these features - DCE being a great case point to look at. Spread across about 4 large community forums there've been close to 7 or 8 individual attempts to unlock and enable DCE in build 4029, 4051, and 4053; the latter two from backporting off the core DLLs from 4029. If MS were to come out and release the info themselves, it would give developers and beta enthusiasts alike a chance to play with these features before WinHEC.

    Anyway, that's just my 2 pence.

  • chuawenchingchuawenching Love to help
    who want a new level of communication between Microsoft and developers -> love to hear this! Thanks.
  • Stevan VeselinovicSteve411 Me, all suited up!
    What did you guys use to edit the video? The begining and ending is sweet!
  • scobleizerscobleizer I'm the video guy
    Steve, the guys over at MSStudio did that for us. I'm actually working on a report of the process of how we do the video. More to come, gotta find out what they used.
  • Stevan VeselinovicSteve411 Me, all suited up!
    scobleizer wrote:
    Steve, the guys over at MSStudio did that for us. I'm actually working on a report of the process of how we do the video. More to come, gotta find out what they used.

    Thanks alot!
  • Stevan VeselinovicSteve411 Me, all suited up!
    Well, i'am guessing they animated it then made it an MPEG, somehow, then probably compiled the whole thing with movie maker. That would be my guess...
  • DebugThisDebugThis Inka Coder
    This is Awesome.  I can't believe we can actually get this kind of perspective from big M.  I can only say this is probably the best way to keep Programmer Loyalty.

    Keep up the good work guys!
  • guidoguido Buenos Aires
    Steve411 wrote:
    Well, i'am guessing they animated it then made it an MPEG, somehow, then probably compiled the whole thing with movie maker. That would be my guess...
    No need to make it an MPEG or edit it in Movie Maker to create a WMV as a final file.

    Anyway, I wonder what program they used to create the opening animation. The motion blur kills all my options Tongue Out
  • cwoodruffcwoodruff Just call me Woody
    Thanks guys for the great site.  Pleasure to find it and have another place to get the vibe!!
  • phunky_avocadophunky_avoc​ado Dude! It's the (grilled) cheese.
    Sounds good.  More power to you.
  • keyosukekeyosuke Joseph Kennedy
    Really nice concept guys.  Keep up the good work.  This is  definately the place for me.
  • StretchrStretchr Beachin
    What a GREAT IDEA! Kudos to MS as well for not going corporate and shutting it down automatically!
  • Great idea and site!!!

    I just hope that this site doesn't fall under the pressure of one of Microsoft's departments which is  looking for a new way to promote and control what this small community already sees and hears. 

    Order a round of Cough Medicine for everyone... It couldn't hurt.
  • photon wrote:
    Great idea and site!!!

    U guys R gr8.Doin a fine job for us .Keep goinguys

  • Ment0Ment0 come and get me... ;)
    lenn wrote:
    Wow ... it is live, what a milestone for us. Great work guys.  Can't wait to see what everyone thinks.



    I don’t know what I think, but I hope that this Channel9 ride is the beginning of something beyond most imagination.

    Good luck, have fun with this... Smiley


  • SiR_CharLZSiR_CharLZ The Future Is Now
    Nice site here. Love all the pics, videos and information. Kinda demystifies the MS culture for the rest of us.

    /tips hat

  • dudes cant see the videos!!! what do i need??
  • Ashley PhillipsOzAsh Avatar Caption

    Smiley Guys - This was a fantastic idea, especially for someone from Australia, like me.  I'm on the other side of the world and just from this, it brings you to me...  WOW (maybe we need to call it 'No More Gaps' (I hope that they sell that in the US??)

    Would be great if it could be two-way, like a confrenece call, having and seeing other viewers being streamed back out as well.  Could be kewl for you / us to see what others are doing??

    I'm over-flowin' with things that would be kewl for you guys to cover, and I haven't had any couch mixture..
     Very kewl.

  • Great Idea guys.

  • hi there,

    i'm a pilot too... not flying a 747 like you guys, but still...

    now, that you mentioned about us expressing our wishes in the open, i will send you my first one... Smiley

    i would like to know how could a compiler engineer (obviously not working for Microsoft) have access to (let's say, something cool like) Phoenix source code (or at least interfaces), under nda, at evening time. is this possible? does one have to sign an nda for that? does one have to get more rain for something like that to happen? the question is as simple as the purpose (getting closer to the common backend, you can hook more frontends into Phoenix, in a completely open and proactive manner...) which should sound good to you too... more supported languages, more outstanding tools, healthier the platform, etc...

    i heard alot of voices like "oh, this is cool" or "this rocks"... but i am trying to see if this site goes beyond having a nice chit-chat with happy passangers Smiley my 7 years from Home sound more like "hey, we have work to do!" so... can we do it or not... // just my 2c...


  • scobleizerscobleizer I'm the video guy

    Not sure what you mean? Who do you believe has access to Phoenix's source code?

    Or, you asking for such access? Kang Su Gatlin can answer that, since he's on the compiler team.
  • veeruveeru VSQL
    hey guys Something exciting and new...

    There is a nice series of Adds going on india on pepsi on 5 ....

    Mahabartha (An indian Epic) talks about Five Padvas a lot...

    So I think you 5 gonna write new Epic for teh whole Tech world

    We all will rock together....


  • I am not able to watch the video!
    (or any other video on this site. for that matter!)

    It asks for my username and password while connecting to wm.microsoft.com!
    My Login/password doesnt work here!

    Any guest login password available????
  • good!guys,I like it ,HOHO!
  • bestwerxbestwerx The Man, The Myth, The Machine
    Very nice. I have been looking for something like this!
  • Hi,

    First of all I want to congratulate you guys for this great job.

    I also want to create a wiki and in this regard I need the help and suggestions of someone who have done all such stuff. Can you please tell me that what are the prerequisits for starting a wiki site.

    And which web programming languages' expertise is required for developing this wiki. Or is it something like an application which is running at the back end of these web pages? If I can get the answers of my questions then I will be grateful to you guys.

    Thanking you in advance.
    Hope i can get a positive reply from your end....


    Hammad Saeed.
  • sungwapasungwapa And just who are the real aliens anyhow..?
    awesome work gang...and your 'going public', great !

    Just had to stop in & say hi..."Hi"

    later-T Mike-aka:sungwapa
  • Make this video sticky so everybody see it.

  • amitbardeamitbarde Neo
    Nice job guys !! Keep up the good work.
  • shreyasonlineshreyasonli​ne Push The Limits !
    Thats good!
  • Greater MonsterGreater Monster Deconstruct! (Jacques Derrida 1930-2004)
    This is great. I've always asked myself a bit what the Microsoft workforce was about, who they were and so forth. So here it is.

    I hope other parts of Microsoft and other companies follow this initiative.

    btw a preview option before posting would be nice (or is it there and I am too dense to find it, which is entirely possible Smiley )
  • great technology, nice teaming and networking, small world
  • dugsnakedugsnake Who you callin' program, program?
    Nice forums.  Nice page.  Is this custom made or is it using Sharepoint?  Is it available for download?  I'm looking for an alternative for phpBB.  I tried Snitz forums, but didn't care for it too much.

    Anyways, nice site.  Wink

    nm...I should have looked at the bottom.

  • byronbyron strike1
    The Channel 9 Team wrote:

    Welcome to Channel 9.  We are five guys at Microsoft who want a new level of communication between Microsoft and developers. We believe that we will all benefit from a little dialogue these days. This is our first attempt to move beyond the newsgroup, the blog, and the press release to talk with each other, human to human.

    Want to know more? 

    Please read our Channel 9 Doctrine or watch the video below to learn more.

    - The Channel 9 Team

    I Would like to meet you guys one day i think what youre doing is great,keep up the great work!
  • You guys SUCK!

    Naw... just kidding, great site guys.

    Oh and another thing: you SUCK!

    Oh wait one more thing... them penguins are some funny lookin birds.

  • fyasarfyasar Fatih YASAR
    Its a very cool idea.

  • yea right!!!
  • DonaldBydia Donald
    Great web, I really enjoy the videos.  Been downloading them and watching them on my T.V.

    Request:  Could you prepend a serial # to the names of the videos?  That way it would be easier to know which ones I've downloaded and which ones I have yet to download.  As for now, it's hit and miss.  Thanks in advance,

    Hey, nothing I love more than Microsoft employee web pages. Johnathan Kay rules.

    Whoa, you did all this with Community Server Forums? :O Every day I want my own page more and more.
  • This is the best communications channel to keep developers motivated.

    I came from the Borland products and I saw sadly how his desktop development market is continuously smashed by MS.

    I really enjoyed such Borland times, but since I started to work with MS Development Tools I began to earn a better salary.

    However my wish for Borland is they keep his leadership on ALM and Java development..
  • This really brought into focus, for me, what Channel9 is all about.

    To me, it is getting easier to shine as a company if you just focus on the support of your product on the various levels that are available (take Channel9 for instance).


    I believe so because I see more and more companies (very apparent in the "Brick-and-Mortar" landscape) falling behind on customer support.

    This happened recently with a product I bought and posted a message (polite, to the point) about a feature that was to be added in (my suggestion).  The developer has yet to respond to my post.  And he is slow to respond on other posts.

    This is just one example in an endless cycle of poor customer support, as far as I am concerned.

    So, to come full-circle... why I believe it is easier to shine as a company now-a-days?  Start by genuinely caring (again?) about your customers.

    Just think, it's pretty dang hard for the average, decent person to bad-mouthed a company if they are being treated constantly as a team member.

    I enjoyed this video and appreciate what you five guys are setting out to accomplish!

    (clap, clap)

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    Thank you, Intrigued. We will continue to make this place a safe, fun, educational and useful home for our most valuable resource: our customers.

  • yes
  • AMOSAMOS Carrapato_d​e_Bit

    Friends of the MSDN Canal 9,

    Would like to suggest that yours places legends (Spanish). So that in the ones of Latin America let us can have access to the dialogues in the videos.  The English is very fast in videos Smiley.

    I am certain of that this resource will be of great important for all with loves technology and the technologies of the Microsoft. 
    Sory, but my English is very bad. The important one is to participate is not same?

    A big hug for all,

    Antonio Marcos

  • Good work guys. Keep it up.

    Prasad Papudesi
  • Great idea! Also just had to say, love the little Microsoft employee buttons! Don't think I've ever seen anything like this with corporation employees actually talking to everyone on a public site! It's great Big Smile
  • PaulM wrote:
    Nice site guys!

    I have joined all the way from Australia, and can't wait to get a few minutes to browse around the site and see what's going on.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Good work. I entered here the first once and it seems me that this place includes a lot of interesting materials, particularly for a Video. It will be better if the my opinion will encourage you to update this website very often.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Wonderful!
  • aruarun_coorg New Inventions might change the thinking towards innovation.


       Wonderful ! Great work . Great effort . I am in love with this.


  • I really like this. My initial take on Channel 9 is that it's a very innovative step in company/partner/customer communication. Partner in that scenario would be the average developer looking to learn about what's going to be hot in the coming months ahead that would have otherwise not crossed his radar.

    I've read on blogs and other posts that Scoble (sorry if I misspelled it) is arrogant or has an inflated ego. After seeing this I want to state that I completely disagree. You all seem like nice guys.

    In this video, you all seem to be soliciting requests for content so, I will go ahead and make mine here. I am an Enterprise Java developer with some distant (and rapidly fading) experience in Linux and embedded development. I find the windows  (com, .net, win32, mfc, Longhorn (especially longhorn)) platform to be both intrigueing and exceptionally productive when I am playing around with Visual Studio. I would like to see a walkthrough of an enterprise web application designed in .NET/VS. This could be done perhaps as both a tutorial (which, as far as I can tell, would be very non-standard for c9) and, as a product showcase for new features in Whidbey.

    Also, I think it might work well if you where to expand the channel-9 concept or, a variation of the concept to other aspects of the MSDN community. My initial thought is that you could release short 'over-the-shoulder' videos of Microsoft Developers building intro/adv apps with the new technology releases. I think the timing for this is good as well. As far as I can tell, Microsoft's rate of developer tools and technology releases (such as Avalon CTP and WSE 2.0) have increased in the last 6 months or so and, I would imagine the rate of acceleration is only going to continue increasing as the "Longhorn Wave" approaches(?). A short video showing how to build a quick-and-dirty app with the the associated release would go a long way I think in reducing learning curves and, ultimately making the releases more accessible to a wider audience of developers.

    Either way, I definately think Microsoft has hit a home-run with Channel-9. This helps developers feel a sense of connectivity with individuals at Microsoft and increases familiarization with new products and features in a fun and informative way. Thank you for making these videos. 


    Brian A.
  • Shimail Gillani, Cloud Solution Architect - Microsoft US EDUshimail #GoAzure
    Great Work and Best Wishes
  • hi!
    cool ...cool....very cool.. good work !
    come on! funny! i'd like !
    yeah! Go..............................
  • geniusleftgeniusleft geniusleft
    good jobs!
  • yanchaowangyanchaowang helloworld contact me with msn

    Really cool!!!

  • Gentlemen,
      I watched several of your videos.
      The feedback I have for you guys is in most of the videos, the guy who asks the question is not always audible. One thing though his laugh resonates even after the video.

      I have recently sent my resume for MS MED group and am waiting. I saw a couple of videos on Windows+Mobile category.

      Is there any video or anything in the pipeline that is being planned to show case the MED group's developments OR projects being worked on?

     The one video where Ori showed/introduced VS team during crunch mode was exciting. The coolest part was the automation testing/download of firmware on all those devices. I do that here as well, but not on that scale. Pretty coool.

  • Hello, Petar from Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia:P

  • Hi,

    I have experiencing the following problem when I try to watch/download the videos from your site. I get the following error message on my browser:


    The requested URL could not be retrieved

    While trying to retrieve the URL: http://download.microsoft.com/download/f/9/7/f9738de8-383b-47b6-8c27-53325df65ec2/vs_sdk_2006.wmv

    The following error was encountered: 

        * Access Denied.

    Please, help me with that issue. 

    ps: I am trying to access http://channel9.msdn.com  from Baku/Azerbaijan with an ip number

    Thank you,
    Elkhan Yusubov

    email: elxany@hotmail.com, elxan_y@yahoo.com  

  • Hi,

    this is a really great Idea.
    I like the videos you guys create.
    It really helps me to stay up to date and to see what Microsoft is doing at the moment.
    It is also great that you inform about a lot of minor topics. It is often times difficult to find information about those somewhere else.
    Go on like that! Smiley

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    Thanks for the kind words! We will indeed keep on truckin'.
  • Saurabh Nijhawansaurabhnijh​awan Saurabh Nijhawan

    Great Job Guyz!

  • It's great step!

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