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MVP Vinod M Kumar chats with us abot SQL Server 2005.


SQL Server



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The Discussion

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    Ashith Raj
    It was a good overview of all the new Features coming up with SQL 2005.

    Anyway, it was a very brief talking about the features we can lookout for...
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    In this edu video, Vinod has provided a high level view of new features in SQL Server 2005. It is sometimes easy to get lost in the feature set that is of immidiate requirement. With this talk Vinod provides a concise description of the same in very short time.

    I really liked the part at the end where he talks abou the community around SQL Server in India. There is a lot of times when you wonder can i meet these people from India who feel the same pains as i do.
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    The new features sound very cool, but after using SQL Server 2000 everyday for a long time now, I don't know how quickly I'd start implimenting CLR stuff.

    I am correct in assuming that using the CLR in SQL Server 2005 will be slower then a normal non-CLR thing?  (Like a regular SQL sproc vs. a CLR hosted sproc)

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    As above very good piece about the new features, the demonstrations didn't appear very clearly in the video.

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    Download the video, it's a higher bitrate and 10x easier to read.
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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the feedbacks.

    Potty: Given the timespan I just gave an overview of the features. For a matter of fact we can take detailed sessions on each topic for hours though.

    Abhishek: Comminities are close to my heart too and for the very reason had to highlight some of the activities that we do in Bangalore, India. I think we will get more people interested in doing cummunity activities.

    Tekmaven: Your concern and *assumption* is like what most of the people think. I recently wrote an article "Making the most of CLR" for SQL Server Magazine on this very topic. If you have a subscription then read it: It is NOT always that CLR will be slower than T-SQL. Yes, for data intensive tasks the bet would surely go for T-SQL as it is closer to data. But on the contrary think of all the other activities that T-SQL is not elegant or should I say optimized for like heavy string manipulations, math calculations. Here I see CLR can surely outperform. Typical example would be to use RegEx type of funtionality that sometimes would be impossible to implement. Next as discussed in the video trying to write Extended Stored procedures or calling a webservice, implementing system operations as Eventlog or File IO operations. I feel here CLR does get an edge. So we need to weigh our options before implementing them. Just my $.20 ...

    Hope you liked the video.

    Vinod Kumar
    MVP - SQL Server

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    Thanks Vinod the COmmentary was excellent just liked the way you explained the things...

    We leverage the CLR environmennt of SQL 2005 from the developers perspective to the best But often one thing hits my thought

    From the administrative perspective what is that a SQL DBA of SQl 2000 need to optimise on SQL 2005 that makes it a rocket fuel running  Database particularly w.r.t CLR environment?

    Is it an Extra load on DBA or is it that his JOb Profile has reduced Smiley:)Smiley???

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    Hi Vinod

    The video was good, unfortunately I had to listen to it atleast 3-4 times to catch up on your speed, I believe you were speaking little fast, if you could be bit slower in your speech that would have been a great help:-)

    Also, every time when we see video's about CLR integration with SQL Server, almost everybody gave the same example, like FSO, String Operation...; not sure if that's the only advantage of using .NET in SQL or there is more, if somebody  from your / SQL Team can provide more example on "Why somebody should use CLR or C# within SQL" might be that would be of great help.



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    Interesting and more than anything else the fear for the mamoth list of new features will surely weigh on all the DBA's. You need to understand that even though there is tons of features to lookout for as a developer the DBA's are NOT left behind. The server is now open and has lots of interesting system tables i.e. in SQL Server 2005 we call them as DMV;s and DMF's that have redefined the way administration would be done. From a better availability and secure code perspective it must be noted that introduction of SQLCLR reduces the need to host and run buggy extended stored procedures. Hence it is better ... If there is a need to use SQLCLR in the unsafe mode then the person deploying must have sysadmin previledges. hence I would say, dont deploy using a sysadmin previledge, doing this you will be able to find what the code will be doing behind the scenes and how safe it is. Using the safe operation is highly recommended and most of the activity can be achieved with this functionality.


    Hmmm ... I had lots to talk and very less time. Hence would have been a bit fast Smiley. Will take care next time round. Thanks for your feedbacks. I will work on the other request and try to give you some more examples. Catch the SQLCLR Team blog at: This has some fabulous implementations and interpretations of using CLR inside SQL. Couple other resources include: and

    Hope this helped.

    Vinod Kumar
    MVP-SQL Server

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