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Are you a Visual Basic programmer? You gotta check this video out! It shows off a free refactoring tool for Visual Basic.NET 2005, beta 2. Brad McCabe has the details on his blog.

Jay Schmelzer, lead program manager, of the Visual Basic team, and Mark Miller, chief architect at Developer Express give all the details about and demo the refactoring tool.





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The Discussion

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    request:  video on details of extending "My"
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    Not available on the Express SKUs? Bummer. So if my code is

    if not a Is ClassA then

    there's no way I can refactor it to use that new, cool operator? (Sigh)
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    Woot that was real cool.. I'd like to see more of this kind of visual usability come to VS.

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    Channel 9, the new way to break into the p0rn industry.

    That was funny.  Somehow I'm not shocked that stayed in the video. 

    That's what I love about C9, keeping it real.

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    Channel9 = breaking all the PR rules. Wink
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    Minh wrote:
    Not available on the Express SKUs? Bummer. So if my code is

    if not a Is ClassA then

    there's no way I can refactor it to use that new, cool operator? (Sigh)

    I think you have to remember who the express sku's are targeted towards... I read a lot of blogs that complain that the express Sku's do not have this and that and no support for plug-ins etc.... But, the reality is that this Sku of product is not targeted towards people who would need any of that stuff. I mean if you want refactor support then upgrade to the Standard Sku.. If you want plug-in support then there again upgrade to the Standard Sku.

    I mean we should be thankful that MS is giving us a product that can build full apps for 49 bucks I think it is. We are going to have to deal with some lacking features.

    (Yes, beer28 we know there is free apps out there Tongue Out )

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    I've asked the same, elsewhere, but i'll ask again, here Smiley

    In the video we had on here about the Class Designer, one of the things the guy said was that there would be no extensibility. He also demoed c# refactoring through the class designer.

    As a VB user I'd like to be able to refactor through the class designer too, but I guess that the Refactor! tool will not be able to work like this, because of the afformentioned lack of extensibility.

    Am I right in this? Or will there be a way found to make it work? I hope so, because that would be super cool Smiley Maybe you could dig out some of the "other" videos it seems Scoble has been making in his spare time - if some tose, er, "special" videos feature the class designer people, its blackmail time!
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    El Bruno
    When the Beta 1 came to my hands and only C# has refactoring capabilities, I think (What the ~Hell !!!) ... I got the My spaces but no refactoring ??? I was angry enough

    Now, refactoring is going to be integrated also in VB.Net 2005 ... so I think (read hope Wink) the Vs2005 Team will deliver the same functionallities in C# and VB ...

    But today in beta 2 ... only addins Big Smile

    Byes from Spain
    El Bruno
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    This stuff is great. I can't wait to use it.  And it's true that I refactor manually ALL the time. But how do I upload my avatar?
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    Pimp Daddy
    Orbit86 wrote:
    Visual Basic Programmers arent programmers

    Please tell me you were joking.

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