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Great news: Now you'll be able to use VSTO to build managed Office add-ins for Outlook! Most cool. In this video, Catherine Heller, Developer Tools Technical Evangelist chats with Andrew Whitechapel, an Office program manager who's helped make this great VSTO Outlook add-in platform possible. For you bloggers out there, check out Srinath Vasireddy's post for good technical discussion and links to bits.

Andrew also discusses the core architecture of how managed add-ins are possible in Office. Very good discussion of shims and the like.

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The Discussion

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    I have a quick question (while I'm still dl'ing the video)  - can you get this working on the Visual Studio Express editions. I followed the instruction in your article and downloaded the toolset, and it installed just fine. The problem is that the project template isn't installed in my C# Visual Studio Express Edition.
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    the answer is no... VSTO does not work in the express editions of VS. So you have to upgrade to the next level.
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    Cool!  Building my first application with it now!  Only problem is that I have to get it ready by Wednesday!  But what's giving me even more stress is that I have to demo it in front of 200 people! Wish me luck! Smiley
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    I have a question... through these add-ins can you make outlook send out its little notification ? based on some criteria ?
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    it does have that... in outlook 2003 you can make it so the outlook icon is in the taskbar and on top of that it notify's you when new e-mails arrive. This is only in outlook 2003
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    I'm trying to understand the Outlook Addin comments. Assuming your talking about the standard outlook COM/Interop addin model using the PIAs and connecting through IExt., why would I need VSTO to do that?

    Is the O 12 Addin model changing?

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    Orbit86 wrote:
    what outlook desperately needs is a email notification icon in the taskbar to pop up when you have new emails. my subsitute is my AIM messenager which looks in the pop3 address I gave it

    The cool thing about the O-11 addin model is that... even if outlook didnt do this out of the box, you could make it do so pretty easily... The ghenghis project has a class api called AniForm (I think thats it) that looks a lot like the MS Messenger popup so, if you wanted, you could create an addin that hooks into the Outlook Events and, show a Messenger Style popup everytime you receive a new message.
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    You can certainly create a managed IDTExtensibility2 add-in for Outlook without VSTO. What VSTO 2005 brings to the party is support for the new IStartup-based add-ins. This support includes both a new set of Visual Studio project types, and also a runtime that does all the basic things like creating a separate appdomain, checking security policy, checking for updates, and so on. These services are not available for IDTExtensibility2 add-ins unless you write them yourself.

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    Anyone know how to migrate a B2 VSTO for outlook add-in to RC compatable?

    For reference see John Durant's post re the change to classes changed for the RC:
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    Hi everybody !

    i have to develop an outlook addin with  VSTO 2005 SE

    all works fine (ribbon, region, etc) but i have a big problem

    my need :

    - i create new folders
    - when i click on it, i would like display an html view and display the details of the folder clicked
    but, i can't get information about my outlook context.

    it 's like a new outlook  instance was running

    it was ok with previous office version (ie2003)

    please help

    thanks a lot

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