The Signal Episode 11: Scott Stanfield and Guitar Grease

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Scott Stanfield from Vertigo brings his toys to the luxurious studio and comes up with the new acronym WYNWYNI (What You Need, When You Need It). Time is taken to reminisce about demos like FM Stocks and ASP.NET Starter Kits and talk about the current Family.Show (and consanguineal marriages) and Slide.Show. Then the show really gets rolling with special guitar grease for Guitar Hero, how 18 employees attack the MIX conference, Scott’s super-secret blacklisted MIX08 session (“one of the coolest things I’ve seen from Microsoft in a long time”), and Mike’s new catch-phrase…we’re so hot!

The Signalis a weekly podcast that connects you to behind-the-scenes activity related to MIX08. We’ll interview speakers, attendees, staff, and other notables. If you have a question for them to address on a future show, e-mail or leave a voice-mail message for them at (425) 703-4650.





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