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Okay, let's face it...we are all addicted to our Mobile devices.  Whether we're chatting, texting, browsing or searching we can't live without our favorite portable friends.  I spent some time chatting with Jay Nanduri and Suresh Velagapudi from the Mobile Search team to talk about the history of Mobile Search and Browsing, the difficulties developing for Mobile Devices and what the future holds.  You may be surprised at some of their answers. 



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The Discussion

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    Matthew Mushall

    It's amazing to see just how far mobile devices have come in the last five years.  When you stop to think about it, there is no reason why we won't have full desktop capability on mobile phones in the next five years.  I'm certain you remember the miniaturized graphics cards from CES last year.  There is also Apple's iPhone to consider.  I have no doubt we'll see full desktop computation within the next few years.

    The catch is will we have the network support to match it?  This is already an issue with the iPhone in most places.  While Japanese and European networks seem to be up to the challenge in providing full support, we seem rather behind the times over here.  I was blown away by the support Japanese customer's get from there phones when I was in Japan last Summer.  It seems to me like the Japanese have a better economic system of letting the technology drive the market, whereas we use the market to drive the technology.  I think that's the biggest contributer to sluggish network development over here.  Live search is an awesome tool, but how much good does it do us on unresponsive networks or phones with limited features.

    Another problem that worries me is what happens to all the phones we disregard every year?  Some manufacturers now provide recycling or donation options...but most end up as E-waste.  C'mon - G-cycle people!!!

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