"Aces of the Galaxy" and "Roogoo" coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade tomorrow

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Retro arcade space shooter “Aces of the Galaxy,” and enjoy a new type of action-puzzler, “Roogoo,” both launching on Xbox LIVE® Arcade this Wednesday 4th June, 2008 at 09.00.

Enjoy the frantic action of “Aces of the Galaxy,” an old fashioned arcade adrenaline-pumping shoot-em-up that allows players to save the Universe from the wicked Skurgian Empire. Players annihilate enemy ships with an impressive arsenal of upgradeable weapons including high-powered missile launchers, devastating torpedoes and the relentless chain gun. Battle intense waves of enemy Skurgians against a breathtaking outer space backdrop, and choose to fight alone or join up with a friend at home or via Xbox LIVE.

“Roogoo” takes puzzles to a whole new level. Help the Roogoo defeat their enemies, the evil Meemoo, in “Roogoo,” a new and innovative action based-puzzler with addictive gameplay. Players line up multiple platforms on different levels to allow shaped blocks to pass through and once enough stack up, that particular shape closes off. A simple premise becomes more complicated as Meemoos begin to obstruct players' paths and butterflies attempt to steal blocks away. Players must swivel, roll and boost their way through 45 puzzle-filled levels alone or with up to four friends in cooperative party mode play. For those with a more competitive spirit, “Roogoo” offers a two-player multiplayer mode over Xbox LIVE where players battle to solve the same puzzle and can build up attacks to defeat their competitors.

Where can I get theses games from?

"Aces of the Galaxy" will be available worldwide for 800 Microsoft Points.

More information is available at:


“Roogoo” will be available for 800 Microsoft Points.

More information on “Roogoo” is available at:

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    Matthew Mushall

    Aces of The Galaxy looks kind of promising to me.  Though, I've been avoiding xbox live arcade games for a while now due to my dwindling hard drive capacity.  Between the Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 map packs, RockBand downloadable music packs, and the promise of GTAIV exclusive downloadable content my hard drive is getting mighty cramped.  I'm well aware that the 120GB hard drive is available for just such circumstances, but it's seriously over-priced.  How can anyone justify that price-tag when higher capacity hard-drives are available for another platform at half the price?

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