Blended Reality: A look at bringing Second Life into Real Life

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What's it like to share a real-life stage with your Second Life avatar?  We've seen the use of a green screen in real life for quite some time now.  Newscaster pretends to be stuck in the middle of a Hurricane.  Star Wars and a fight to the death with light sabers.  As technology has progressed so has the quality of this video trick but what I haven's seen much of is using a green screen in a game like Second Life to port virtual characters into Real-Life.  I was in Vancouver last week hanging with some of the students at the Great Northern Way Campus who are working on their Masters in Digital Media.  Nadia Aly and Joanna Robinson are these really creative women who have done some amazing things with Second Life.  You have to see this. 



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    Very cool idea..... when do we see Tina (First Life) hanging out with Tina (Second Life)??

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