Channel 10 Round-up:  Halocast

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The Discussion

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    Mark Wisecarver

    Best Channel 10 video ever, brilliant, love it! Smiley

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    That was pretty damn cool, young lady. Halo looks like a really boring game though Tongue Out (not a console player, so never actually played it). I'd certainly like to see more of these round-up videos, maybe playing some other games to give peeps exposure to what's available on the XBox or the PC (Games for Windows!).
    Hmm, stuck in an elevator with Tina and Laura....
    hm, what?
    Oh, anyway, glad to hear you folks are still having a good time doing this, the team's certainly putting in a lot of work to bring good content to the site.
    Be well.

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    Matthew Mushall

    I liked this quick roundup.  It felt like a podcast set to just Halo 3 video - it also felt like the weekly roundups you and Laura used to do when you started this wonderful endeavor that is channel 10.  If you keep doing these weekly recaps I recommend you change the game you play.  Next time have a go at Fear, Bioshock, Gears of War, or Unreal Tournament III just for the hell of it.  Still, I enjoyed watching you drive the mongoose around Zanzibar aimlessly.  I couldn't help but think how much Halo needs some kind of Jetskis or entirely water based maps.

    Also, you should spruce up your spartan for our benefit.  A woman of your talent needs more than just a red MJOLNIR Mark VI  "master chief clone" armor.  Why not mix up some classes and make your spartan blue or orange? I am, of course, only joking with you.  Wink

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