How to: Shoot and Edit a Time-Lapse Video

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    amazing. i feel like i am back in my childhood watching sesame street...

    does harry potter approve of your using his music?

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    Matthew Mushall

    Very cute.  It suddenly occurred to me that I forgot to chime in on your birthday.  Terribly Sorry, T-dub.  I wish you and Miss Foy a very belated Happy Birthday.  Anyway, this was very entertaining.  I'm a bit surprised that the whole thing took only 30 minutes to capture.  I would have thought the ice cream sandwich may have taken longer to melt.

    My Art in the Age of Electronic Media course just finished time compression and extension topic.  Some of us moved very slowly and sped up the footage to create the effect that the world moved very quickly around us while others conducted time laps segments of events that lasted for days.  A small portion of us, myself included, actually experimented with a conceptual approach of recording an event being recorded for an exact increment of time.  I opted to record my camera recording itself recording a time laps experiment for exactly 42 seconds.  Its not the most interest thing to watch, but its certainly a high concept.

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