A look back at my life with Bill Gates

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    Matthew Mushall

    LMAO!  Brilliant...as always, T-Dub.  You and Laura are always at the top of your game when you collaborate. You've dropped many flattering references toward the "G-man" throughout your time at Microsoft.  Nice to see you poking fun at yourself for it.

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    You guys make hilarious videos! Really. It would have been cool if Bill Gates actually really did pop in the video.

    I'm going to miss Bill Gates too. He's had a huge impact on the way technology stands today. I don't know what we'd be like without him. I just hope Ballmer can fill Bill Gates' big role. Probably not the same, but I hope he doesn't do too cruddy of a job. I hope the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation continues to keep making the world better.

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    Good stuff guys, as always. Looks like the good old days, but even better.
    Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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    Plays Halo like cows drink milk. LOL

    I like the music that was chosen to play in the back ground.

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    That was awesome!

    Tina, a Bill Gates fangirl / stalker? I had no idea...

    "Oh you're leaving so... Zune?"

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    Mark Wisecarver

    Sweet! Smiley

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