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Boy grabs sled. Boy rides sled. A simple concept yields endless fun and the latest Internet Phenomenon is born! In Line Rider the player draws their own landscape with a simple pencil tool creating as many ramps, hills, and jumps as they can imagine. Then they send a virtual sledder careening down the course until he wipes out. The possibilities in Line Rider are only limited by the player's imagination.

Adam Kinney stops by the Channel 10 Studios to show off his latest addiction. 


line rider



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The Discussion

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    I look like a giant. Smiley
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    Chris Allen

    This is a very creative application for sure and goes to show how something that seems so simple can do such amazing things. And I am looking forward to the XNA games for the 360 as well. The demos they had one the marketplace a while back were very cool. I am even more curious as to when we will be seeing games for the Zune based on XNA.

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