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Chart Advisor is a prototype that provides an alternate approach for creating charts in Excel 2007. This add-in uses an advanced rules engine to scan your data and, based on predefined rules, displays charts according to score. Top scoring charts are available for you to preview, tweak, and insert into your Excel worksheet.



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    We need more of these tips on how to increase work productivity. Gives me an excuse to watch On10 while in the office Smiley I do a lot of work with Six Sigma, so this Chart Advisor looks like a very handy tool. First 3 rules in data analysis is plot, plot, plot, and having the tool give advice on what type of chart to use will certainly come in handy. Hope it offers some advanced functions such as regression charts and the like.

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    <OT> Hi Tina, There was one of your video featuring Bob Muglia, maybe before or after this one. But I am not able to locate. Is it taken off?

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