PDC 2008 is coming...and I can't wait!

Play PDC 2008 is coming...and I can't wait!
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Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference 2008 is hitting the Los Angeles scene late October (27-30) and we got our best ad-agency guys and gals together to figure out how best to get the word out.

Why? Well, PDC is the place where Developers and Architects can network with their peers, get their questions answered by the Microsofties who are writing the code during Ask-The-Experts and take home all the bits on a 160 GB hard drive-including pre-Beta Windows 7!

Yeah, that’s PDC.

This is an inside look at one of our early brainstorming sessions… let’s just say things got a little out of hand.

But hey, make sure you don’t let it pass you by, register for PDC… NOW, oh did I mention the student discount?!

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The Discussion

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    hahaha...that's the best tech music video I've seen for ages. Good job guys!! What label you signed with? Wink

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    Matthew Mushall

    ...... well, at least it had a strong start with a clever idea and I enjoyed your quick exposures in the music video.  Otherwise this reeked of a bad 90's boy-band video.  Promise me, never again.

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