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Today, Microsoft officially launched the Urban Challenge, sponsored by KIA Motors.  KIA's sponsorship has taken RoboChamps to a brand new level - both in realism and in terms of prizes.

KIA has been very generous with models of their cars and buildings. This enables us to provide additional realism in the environment, as you will have the opportunity to choose one of 5 robot cars based on real KIA models.You'll program these cars to navigate a course through a large city, that comes complete with other moving cars, video billboards and working traffic lights. You car is loaded up with a number of sensors to help you achieve your goal, including multiple cameras, a laser rangefinder, bumpers, and a GPS unit.

We're also announcing that KIA's sponsorship is providing the largest prizes in the history of RoboChamps. Participants will be competing to win prizes including $5000, $10,000, and even a real car!

This video provides an overview of the new competition, with video of what you can expect in the simulation environment.

For additional details, check out the RoboChamps website (





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