Schizoid: Available on Xbox Live Arcade

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With a name like Schizoid how could you not play it.  It will cost you 800 Microsoft Points.

Cooperative gameplay is redefined in the fast-paced and unique Schizoid! Control red and blue ships, ramming them into enemies of the same color to destroy them. But be careful, because if you hit the opposite color, you will be destroyed. Quick thinking and quicker reflexes help you seize victory, but sharp teamwork provides the best chance of earning gold medals along the way. Schizoid offers more than 120 levels of challenge, playable in either single-player or co-op mode, plus the brain-melting Uberschizoid hardcore mode, in which one player controls both ships!

  • Co-op gameplay to the max: No other multiplayer co-op game has such tight cooperative gameplay. The two players (or one player with a computer A.I. partner, or one player controlling both ships in Uberschizoid) must work together closely in order to defeat the hordes on each level.
  • Uberschizoid mode: For perhaps the most challenging and "brain-melting" challenge yet, try Uberschizoid Mode. Control both red and blue ships, matching them to each enemy color in order to succeed.
  • Tremendous graphics: The glowing, flashing, megabursting graphics add to the game's inherent chaos.
  • Xbox LIVE® play: Play co-op over Xbox LIVE and team up with players worldwide to see how far you can advance!

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    now by "controlling two ships" does that mean like one control stick for each one, or is it like one life your red and the other life your blue?

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