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Photo Collages?  So old's time to check out Video Collage.

Video Collage is a compact representation of video.  It uses one automatically synthesized image to summarize the content of a video.  Video Collage selects the most representative frames from a video, extracts salient regions of interest (ROI) from these frames, and seamlessly arranges ROIs on a given canvas. Video Collage can be printed into booklets or albums. Users thus can browse those booklets or albums just as if they were browsing ordinary photo albums.  When they want to watch a certain segment indicated by a thumbnail in the booklet, they can use a camera phone or a similar device to capture the corresponding thumbnail. Then the captured image is sent to a computer via a wireless network, automatically retrieved in a video library, and the corresponding video segment is presented to the user. Video Collage provides a novel user interface that enables users to browse video content in a more compact, visually appealing, and natural way, in contrast to many existing video browsers.  Video Collage can be integrated easily into existing video-management systems, video-sharing sites, and video search engines to support an attractive video-browsing and -sharing experience.



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The Discussion

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    very nice, only the link you provide at the end of the video leads to the asian language version of the microsoft research page and i am sort of very rusty in mandarin chinese...

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    Mandarin Chinese is all the rage.  Thanks for the catch.  It will take me a bit to fix. 

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